Wiki Dragon blaze
Wiki Dragon blaze
Forme Héroïque
Forme Sublimée
Life is beautiful because it's finite. Let me take that beauty away.
The Golden Princess

Raw/Sprite en cours

Aura Windlune
Princess Aura Windlune's brilliant archery skills are comparable to Bloodwind.
Role DPS
Arme principale Bow
Arme secondaire Quiver
Attribut principal DEX
Windlune la reine des elfes noirs Icon
Forme Eveillée
Aura Windlune Icon
Essence Heroique
Aptitude Effet Recharge
Normal Attack Increases ATK Speed
(Active 1)
Loki's Arrow
Uses the power of the mischievous god Loki to shoot a powerful arrow that can strike even goods.

Inflicts 493% damage

11.2 sec
(Active 2)
Noran's Time
Uses the power of Noran to see the past, present, and future to maximize even the slightest opportunities of time.

Increases entire party's ATK Speed by 24% for 31 sec (100% chance).

62.8 sec
(Active 3)
Loki's Judgement
Loki's rage will bring judgement to all enemies by piercing them with Loki's Arrow.

Inflicts 182% damage on all enemies.

15.7 sec
(Passive 1)
Focused Arrow
Dark Elves specialize in the annihilation of weak enemies in order to quickly conquer the battlefield.

Inflicts additional 32% damage when attacking an enemy with 50% HP or less.

(Passive 2)
Yggrasil's Blessing
Disperses Yggdrasil's Blessing throughout the entire party to temporarily maximize abilities.

Increases entire party's Critical Rate by 4.

Informations additionelles
  • She lost her parents in a young age.
  • Aura Windlune shows deep affection for Draco Bloodwind.
  • Loki, Noran, and Yggdrasil are all names from Norse mythology. Loki is the god of mischief. The Norns are a trio of female deities that rule the destinies of gods and men, including their past, present, and future. Yggdrasil is the name of the World Tree.