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Skill Card location

Skill cards can be equipped on an Ally's 3rd passive (accessory) slot and can offer a multitude of stat bonuses or effects.

They are acquired from random drops in any dungeon stage in Adventure or from special game Events and their Event Shop. Skill cards may also be obtained through combining at the Workshop. All Skill Cards are rated from grade A to U (Lowest to highest).

They are not removable once equipped and can only be overwritten. Therefore, its very important to consider which cards will benefit which allies most.Only A rank allies and above can equip Skill Cards. Doing so requires gold equivalent to the Card's Rank (S costs less than SS).

U grade Skill Cards do not drop and must be combined in the Workshop or through a Pet.

Base Stat Cards[]

Icon Card Name Description & Effect U SSS Dual Triple
Amplify Stamina A skill card that revives physical vitality through a powerful wind that encircles the entire body.
Boosts STA by X%.
22% 19% 13% 13%
Amplify Strength A skill card that condenses a powerful energy hidden deep in the body.
Boosts STR by X%.
22% 19% 13% 13%
Displaying Dexterity A skill card that surfaces dormant abilities using an unknown energy.
Boosts DEX by X%.
22% 19% 13% 13%
Expressing Intelligence A skill card tgat awakens dormant abilites in the mind with an unknown energy.
Boosts INT by X%.
22% 19% 13% 13%

Attack-type Cards[]

Icon Card Name Description & Effect U SSS Dual Triple
Area of Speed A skill card that lightens the body by blowing a cool, refreshing wind.
Adds X% of Total Attack Speed.
30% 26% 27% 18%
Increase Accuracy A skill card that increase attack accuracy with an intriguing energy that clears the mind.
ACC increases by X.
28 24 51 156
Ignore Defense A skill card that allows direct attack on a spirit through realization.
Adds additional defense-piercing damage equal to X% of ATK.
25% 18% 22% 22%
Crushing the Strong A skill card that fires up the body with a competitive spirit.
Increases damage against bosses by X%.
52% 38% 46% 46%
Varying Damage A skill card that releases an unpredictable yet powerful energy that encircles the body.
Increases DMG by 1~X%.
56% 48% 50% 50%
Weapon Limit A skill card that brings out a weapon's max power with a dark energy encircling the weapon.
Boosts max Weapon ATK by X%
52% 38% 55% 55%
Tempering of Weapons A skill that brings out a weapon's dormant power with a crimson energy that encircles the weapon.
Boost Weapon ATK by X%
33% 24% 35% 35%
Increase Attack A skill card that awakens every cell in the body with a destructive energy that encircles the body.
Increases Total ATK by X%.
44% 38% 39% 28%
Rule of Penetration A skill card that penetrates the enemy's defense with a powerful energy.
Increases DEF Penetration by X.
33 24 61 197
Critical Chance A skill card that offers a chance to bring out max power at the moment of attack.
Increases Critical Rate by X.
19 16 61 149
Critical Damage A skill card that enables max power through an enlightened moment.
Increases Critical Damage by X%
114 98 102 324

Defense-type Cards[]

Icon Card Name Description & Effect U SSS Dual Triple
Foresight of a Raid A skill card that borrows the prophet's ability to foresee the near future.
Increases Critical Damage Reduction by X%.
24% 21% 25% 56%
Increase Defense A skill card that improves defense against enemy attacks with a warm energy that encircles the body.
Increases DEF by X%.
39% 34% 37% 37%
Increase Evasion A skill card that protects the body with a mysterious energy that spins around the body.
Increases EVA by X.
16 14 45 175
Pain Alleviation A skill card that rids of all fear and makes the body resistant to pain.
Decreases all DMG received by X%.
17% 15% 15% 15%
Prevent Dispersion A skill card that instantly detects impending danger.
Decreases Area Damage received by X%.
24% 21% 25% 25%
Resist Harmful Effects A skill card that clears the head to increase resistance against any abnormal energy.
Increases Immunity against negative effects by X.
46 39 61 196

Special Effect Cards[]

Icon Card Name Description & Effect U SSS Dual Triple
Bloodred Banquet A skill card that allows healing oneself using the pain of the enemy.
Adds X% Life Steal.
14% 13% 14% 14%

Multiple Stat Cards

Dual CardsSwordright

Dual Card stat overview

Click to expand view.

Dual U Skill Cards are a special type of Cartes d'aptitude, indicated by a special golden frame.
Similar to the former Duel Cards obtained through Hydra, those cards bear two stats instead of just one.

These cards are always made of two stats.

  • Main/basic attribute (Sta dual card Sta, Str dual card Str, Dex dual card Dex, Int dual card Int)
  • Specialized stat (Defense or Attack type)

Both stat components are completely random. This results in 72 possible cards.

«See the image to the right for an overview.
Stats can also be found in the tables above

Dual Cards are obtained by combining two U-Grade skill cards in the Workshop. Note that this only gives a chance for a Dual Card. One may also get a random, new and regular U-Grade card.
Combining two Dual Cards will not guarantee a new Dual Card either. One may get a regular U card.
Remeber, combining 2 U cards costs 250.000 gold, and the combine slots will automatically adjust to "2" once a U-Grade card has been dragged into it.
The materials used do not influence the outcome of the dual card whatsoever.
They are only available as U-Grades.

The resulting card will have a special portrait image, always representing its main attribute stat.

The name of the card is generated of the two obtained stats.
The specialized stat followed by the main attribute in brackets.

Triple CardsSwordright

The same applies as to the Triple Cards. They are also later available in the smart shop, after the 23rd May 2017 Patch.

The stats can also be found in the compilation tables above, but this image will also show the original Korean text for the skill cards.