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Expedition of the Unknown (미지의 탐험, mijiui tamheom) aka "Unknown Expedition" or "Explore the Unknown", is a PvE game mode that was added to the Korean game version on the 2nd February 2016 Patch as a new addition to the Honor Gorge.

Designed for off-screen progress, it does not require active actions from the player in order to claim rewards.


Set UpSwordright

The game mode will allow a team of 5 Allies with no Characters or helpers. The party must not be filled in order to start the exploration.
The player creates his party and can then send them to "Explore the Unknown" by consuming Modèle:Shoes per attendance.
The party will spend 24 hours fighting their way through the game mode, completely separated from the player and without any interference. This means they will fight on their own. The selected party members cannot be used for any other game content in the meantime. It's also worth to note that their items, Keys or even gear-links cannot be accessed as well.
The expedition takes places in the game mode's very own map (img. 3), consisting of several stages (map 1 has 10 stages). The exploration can be canceled.
It's wiser to send a rather strong team on the expedition, since it raises the chance of conquering more of the "unknown". However, players must consider that the units should be allowed to explore for the full duration, making main teams unfitting for this game mode.


Once finished, one can check the results and rewards in the mode's UI in a window similar to the autorun one. The window shows the number of failed explorations and acquired rewards.
The rewards are gold which is passively farmed (like dungeons) and treasure chests, similar to the Pit-a-pat and daily login chests, ranging from SSS to A.
(only 1 of the options per chest)

  • SSS chest: 5-8 rubies, 25-40 FP, U Skill cards, Essence (random)
  • SS chest: 4-6 rubies, 20-35 FP, SSS Skill cards, Essence (random)
  • S chest: 1-5 rubies, 15-30 FP, SS Skill cards
  • A chest: 1-3 rubies, 10-25 FP, S Skill cards