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Wiki Dragon blaze

The Honor Gorge is an interface menu that gathers most game modes of Dragon Blaze to one place.
This activity map is located by the button "Fight" next to the "Adventure" button in the main lobby.

It was implemented with the game version 3.0.3 in the Shariet World Boss patch.

The Honor Gorge houses all the PvP and most PvE game modes.

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It also houses the Coin Shop as well as several missions and bonuses, including the Battle Mission and Weekly Bonus. Read below for more information.

Battle Mission

The Battle Mission is a weekly achievement Quest, which rewards players when certain goals are met. Rewards will only be sent out once per week, across all Characters. This mission resets at midnight on every Monday.

Mission Objective Reward
Conquer World Boss Participate in every World Boss 30 Rubies
Enjoying Competition Access all battle content except Guild Battle. (Guild Battle is not required to complete this) SS Ally Summon
Meeting Golem Challenge World Boss (Golem). 20 Rubies
Meeting Hydra Challenge World Boss (Hydra). 20 Rubies
Meeting Shariet Challenge World Boss (Shariet) 20 Rubies
Invade Enemy Territories Try Fortress Battle 10 Ranking Coins
Overcome Adversity Try Labyrinth (Participate in Labyrinth at least once). 10 Ranking Coins
Stop Destruction Try Destruction Dungeon 20 Rubies
My Buster's Rival Participate in Arena Buster League 50 Rubies
My Hero's Rival Participate in Arena Hero League 50 Rubies
Guild Buster's Fight Participate in Guild Battle: Buster League 50 Rubies
Guild Hero's Fight Participate in Guild Battle: Hero League 50 Rubies
Adventure Time Join Guild Adventure 30 Rubies

Weekly Bonus

The Weekly Bonus is located in the upper left corner of the Honor Gorge and can be expanded by the magnifier icon.
It provides different buffs depending on the ongoing "Event". The game mode which is affected can be identified by the red "Event"-bubble next to the game mode icon.

Possible Weekly Bonus

  • Acquire Gold
    • +30% Rubies at weekly closing
      +30% coin(s) at weekly closing
  • Labyrinth Week
    • +30% Rubies at weekly closing
      +30% coin(s) acquired in Labyrinth
  • World Boss Week
    • +30% Rubies at World Boss closing
      +30% Coins at World Boss closing
    • Apply World Boss buff
      • World Boss buff: Accuracy buff in Shariet
      • World Boss buff: Attack Speed buff in Golem
      • World Boss buff: Defense buff in Hydra
  • Guild Battle Week
    • +30% Guild EXP at weekly closing
      +30% Rubies at weekly closing
  • Fortress Battle Week
    • +30% Rubies at Fortress Battle closing
      +30% coin(s) at Fortress Battle closing
  • Destruction Dungeon Week
    • Destruction Dungeon first clear reward x2
  • Revenge if Belphegor Week
    • +30% Rubies at weekly closing
      +30% bonus gold in Revenge of Belphegor

Hall Of Fame

Located through a button at the bottom of the Honor Gorge screen.

It is a non game mode feature that rewards the players of every game mode and the best 3 guilds that achieved rank 1, every month.

The Hall of Fame is a gallery that displays the best players of all game modes that have ranks.
A real-time representation of the character that they ranked with and the both the character name and account name will be shown.
The top ranked players for both Hero and Buster leagues will be displayed.
Via "Ranking Details" the player can view the top 3 of the game mode in question, as well as his own placement in the ladder.
The average placement shows the average numbered rank that the players reached within each month.


Players who rank 1-3 in any Honor Gorge event (except Guild Battle) receive a reward in form of a special costume, which is permanent.

Archer Mage Priest Paladin Rogue Warrior
Fichier:Buster God Archer.png Fichier:Buster God Mage.png Fichier:Buster God Priest.png Fichier:Buster God Paladin.png Fichier:Buster God Rogue.png Fichier:Buster God Warrior.png

The title "Buster God" and "Buster God's Guild Members" will be permanently rewarded to both the 1st-3rd Arena players and 1st-3rd guild members of the monthly best Guild respectively.

Title Stats

Mode Title Stats
World Boss Giant Boss God STA +84, ACC +20.6
Fortress Battle Fortress God STA +84, ATK +264
Guild Battle
Buster League
Buster God's Guild Members STA +101, DEF +394
Guild Battle
Hero League
Hero God's Guild Members STA +84, DEF +328

Buster League

Buster Battlefield God Weapon ATK +420, ACC +24.7

Hero League

Hero Battlefield God Weapon ATK +352, ACC +20.6
Revenge of


God of Hell STA +84, CRIT DMG +68.6