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Fichier:Kr patch locking option empty equipment.jpg

A equipment piece with (left) and without (right) all its stats locked.

The Locking Option (옵션 잠금, obsyeon jamgeum) is a new Workshop feature that allows the player to decide Stats on his equipment to a certain dagree.
The feature works in a two-step process - "Lock" (잠금) and "Composite" (합성).

With its introduction to the Korean version in the 8th December, 2016 Patch, all existing SSS or U-grade equipment pieces will feature locks left to their stats.

New Scrolls, the "Locking Option Scrolls", will be added to the cash-shop ([Shop]→[Pet/Items]→[Consumable Items]) which can be purchased for 100Ruby rendered per Scroll, or 900Ruby rendered for 10 Scrolls. Those are the basis of this feature.


First, stats must be [locked]. Upon visiting the menuFichier:Kr patch locking option button.jpg in the workshop. Upon selecting the desired equipment piece (apparently, both Weapons and Armor allowed), the player is allowed to select the stat that should be locked through a tick-and-select menu. Even the maxium and minimum stats can be locked. Doing so will consume

  • 500.000 gold
  • 1 Scroll

The gold cost increases with each already locked stat on a piece.
Note, only a maximum of 4 stats of one equipment piece can be locked, and no stats can be unlocked.

Upon successfully locking a stat, its lock next to the stat will be colored from gray to shining blue (img.1) and a blue lock icon is displayed on its icon, similar to the yellow lock for accidental salvages.


Fichier:Kr patch locking option combine.jpg

The piece with locked stats must go into the golden slot.

The second step is to Combine such a new piece in the workshop's regular equipment combine menu.
The menu works just as before, but when two (still identical) equipment pieces are used as material, with one of it being a piece which went through the "Lock" process, the newly created equipment piece will be a newly rolled piece, but with whatever stats have been locked still in use.
Basically the usually combine process of two equipment pieces, but now with the possibility to keep stats are especially desired.

The combine process will

  • reset all unlocked Jewelry and enhancements
  • keep the stat that was previously locked also locked in the new piece