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The Tower of Validation, or often times referred to as Tower of Trials, is a new PvE game mode introduced with the 06/06/16 - 3rd Buster Wave patch.

The Tower of Validation is a progress type game mode, which constantly keeps growing in size, similar to Labyrinth.
The tower is made of multiple levels or floors.
The player starts from floor 1 and advances floor by floor with each floor cleared.
Only once completely cleared will the player advance. For that

  • there are no time limits
  • the monsters go into a rage mode in set intervals, which grants all monsters an ATK-increase buffs
  • the entire monster wave will respawn when the player was unable to finish off all monsters before he dies.

A party is made out of 4 Allies and 1 Character, with an optional Helper, which can be invoked for 60 sec, and a Helper-CD of another 60 sec.
The party will oppose 5 monsters on every floor, 1 of which represents the floor-Boss.
Every floor will have a "Boss Effect", which will be displayed in the main UI beforehand. These effects can be party-buffs (STR, DEX etc) or special abilites (Ability to transmutate). Once battling there is no way to see what the boss' effect is/was.


The rewards are the most important part of the Tower of Validation.
The rewards never reset, which means that there is also no way to claim the reward of a certain floor multiple times.

The rewards differ a lot between Buster and Hero League. Use the tabbers to navigate between them.
The rewards include, but are not exclusive to: Magic Scrolls for the Magic System, E Allies, Pets, Jewelry and much more.

Pet Reminder:

  • Thunder Fury Auto ally enhance
  • Komodo Wing Auto salvage
  • Dark Fury Auto raid
  • Deadly Fire Auto jewel combine

Floor Boss Reward
1st Dark Gnoll 5d Pet Deadly Fire
2nd Pirate King Byron 5x S Jewel ticket
3rd Dark Gnarl 5x Magic Scroll
4th Aura Windlune 2x 50% E
5th Flame Wizard Whay 10x Light Essence
6th Gar 5d Thunder Fury
7th Orc Warrior Ackard 5x S Jewel ticket
8th Ranger Kay 5x Magic Scrolls
9th Captain Shabelle 1x 100% E
10th Draco Bloodwind 1x SSS Ally ticket
11th Hunter Toori 5d Komodo Wing
12th Shining Sword Loki 5x S Jewel ticket
13th Healer Unity 5x Magic Scrolls
14th Karang 2x 50% E
15th Lilith the Succubus 10x Light Essence
16th Queen Caberra 5d Dark Fury
17th Princess Mercedes 5x S Jewel ticket
18th Black Dino Tyran 5x Magic Scrolls
19th High Commander Patta 1x 100% E
20th Draco Brightspark 1x SSS Ally ticket
21st Dark Arrow Farq 5d Deadly Fire
22nd Deathcrown 2x SS Jewel ticket
23rd Dark Marble Pearla 5x Magic Scrolls
24th Belle Snow 2x 50% E
25th Dmitri the Incubus 10x Light Essences
26th Dark Knife Freyd 5d Thunder Fury
27th Lagner 2x SS Jewel ticket
28th Captain Freya 5x Magic Scrolls
29th Captain Turq 1x 100% E
30th Draco Blackaria 1x SSS Ally ticket
31st Archer Ur 5d Komodo Wings
32nd Commander Garotan 2x SS Jewel ticket
33rd Punisher Rar 5x Magic Scrolls
34th Yvante the Incubus 2x 50% E
35th Captain Fulson 10x Awakened Essence
36th Sorcerer Mer 5d Dark Fury
37th Dark Elf Eirden 2x SS Jewel ticket
38th Commander Azur 5x Magic Scrolls
39th Calgar, Wolf of Death 1x 100% E
40th Draco Deathcrown 1x SSS Class ticket
41st Windlune the Dark 5d Deadly Fire
42nd Brightspark 1x SSS Jewel ticket
43rd Mara the Succubus 5x Magic Scrolls
44th Hero King Gram 2x 50% E
45th Knight Tiel 15x Essence ticket
46th Lyna the Queen of Varman 5d Thunder Fury
47th Dark Elf Tinuvian 1x SSS Jewel ticket
48th Rollo the Princess of Varman 5x Magic Scrolls
49th Dark Elf Lucienne 1x 100% E
50th Draco Greysoul 1x SSS Hero select ticket
51st Nitredem the Incubus 5d Komodo Wings
52nd Queen Caberra 2x SS Jewel ticket
53rd Corrupt Spirit Helter Skelter 5x Magic Scrolls
54th Karang 2x 50% E
55th Mikaela the Fatal 15x Essence ticket
56th Lilith the Succubus 5d Dark Fury
57th Dark Elf Tinuvian 2x SS Jewel ticket
58th Calgar, Wolf of Death 5x Magic Scrolls
59th Rogue Un 1x 100% E
60th Ravengale the Kind 1x SSS Ally ticket
61st Rollo the Princess of Varman 5d Deadly Fire
62nd Warrior Rutar 1x SSS Jewel ticket
63rd Ertanible the Incubus 5x Magic Scrolls
64th Sorcerer Theros 2x 50% E
65th Fryderyk the Tenor 15x Essence tickets
66th Dark Elf Lucienne 5d Thunder Fury
67th Brightspark 1x SSS Jewel ticket
68th Commander Garotan 5x Magic Scrolls
69th Captain Shabelle 1x 100% E
70th Llywelyn the Fiery 1x SSS Class select ticket
71st Bloody Hero Slasher 5d Komodo Fairy
72nd Orc Warrior Ackard 1x SSS Jewel ticket
73rd Captain Fulson 5x Magic Scrolls
74th Windlune the Dark 2x 50% E
75th Farrah the Healer 15x Essence tickets
76th Belle Snow 5d Dark Fury
77th Lagner 1x SSS Jewel ticket
78th Lyna the Queen of Varman 5x Magic Scrolls
79th Brightspark 1x 100% E
80th Gaela the Fallen 1x SSS Ally ticket
81st Queen Caberra 5d Deadly Fire
82nd Dark Arrow Farq 1x SSS Jewel ticket
83rd Hero King Gram 5x Magic Scrolls
84th Ertanible the Incubus 2x 50% E
85th Kymael the Just 15x Essence tickets
86th Sorcerer Theros 5d Thunder Fury
87th High Commander Patta 1x SSS Jewel ticket
88th Calgar, Wolf of Death 5x Magic Scrolls
89th Commander Kinggran 1x 100% E
90th Hellhawk 1x SSS Ally ticket
91st Chapter 4-3 Archer SSS 5.000.000 Gold
92nd Dark Elf Lucienne 2x Random SSS Gem
93rd Bloody Hero Slasher 20x Magic Scrolls
94th Chapter 4-3 Paladin SSS 2x SS Ally Ticket
95th Bliss Foxy 20x Choice Essence Tickets
96th Sorcerer Theros 5.200.000 Gold
97th Chapter 4-1 Archer Bat SS 2x Random SSS Gem
98th Chapter 4-3 Warrior Red Spirit SSS 20x Magic Scrolls
99th Dmitri the Incubus 4x SS Ally Tickets
100th Margaret 2x SSS Ally tickets

Floor Boss Reward
1st Desert Gnoll 50 Shoes
2nd Desert Gnarl 3d 100% XP Pot
3rd Dark Gnoll 300.000 Gold
4th Dark Gnarl 50 Tickets
5th Karang 50 Revival Order Scrolls
6th Range Ghost Bat 60 Shoes
7th Belle Snow 3d 100% XP Pot
8th Healer Unity 320.000 Gold
9th Ranger Disty 60 Tickets
10th Queen Caberra 2x SSS Skill Card ticket
11th Hunter Misty 70 Shoes
12th Queen Robellia 3d 100% XP Pot
13th Ranger Kay 340.000 Gold
14th Healer Konfi 70 Tickets
15th Hunter Toori 100 Revival Order Scrolls
16th Dark Curse 80 Shoes
17th Dark Breath 3d 100% XP Pot
18th Abyss King 360.000 Gold
19th Black Dino Tyran 80 Tickets
20th Pirate King Byron 2x SSS Skill Card ticket
21st Dark Marble Snell 90 Shoes
22nd Dark Knife Squall 3d 100% XP Pot
23rd Dark Arrow Farq 380.000 Gold
24th Dark Marble Pearla 90 Tickets
25th Dark Arrow Farq 7d Thunder Fury
26th Dark Arrow Tarq 100 Shoes
27th Dark Marble Tiehr 3d 100% XP Pot
28th Dark Knife Freyd 400.000 Gold
29th Captain Freya 100 Tickets
30th Aura Windlune 1x U Skill Card ticket
31st Punisher Rar 110 Shoes
32nd Archer Ur 3d 100% XP Pot
33rd Sorcerer Mer 420.000 Gold
34th Commander Azur 110 Tickets
35th Orc Warrior Ackard 7d Komodo Wing
36th Warrior Trek 120 Shoes
37th Archer Narq 3d 100% XP Pot
38th Sorcerer Haziq 440.000 Gold
39th Commander Abunarq 120 Tickets
40th Warrior Rutar 10x Platinum Ally ticket
41st Knight Kai 130x Shoes
42nd Rogue Kain 3d 100% XP Pot
43rd Fire Wizard Koni 460.000 Gold
44th Dark Priest Porin 130x Tickets
45th Hero King Gram 7d Dark Fury
46th Swordsman Vurch 140x Shoes
47th Archer Veri 3d 100% XP Pot
48th Dark Mage Pari 480.000 Gold
49th Priest Viri 140x Tickets
50th Deathcrown 1x SSS Ally ticket
51st Dark Swordsman Pagu 150x Shoes
52nd Dark Archer Pitch 3d 100% XP Pot
53rd Lilith the Succubus 500.000 Gold
54th Dark Swordsman Pagu 150x Tickets
55th Captain Shabelle 7d Deadly Fire
56th Rogue Un 150x Shoes
57th Knight Tiel 3d 100% XP Pot
58th Knock Knock Gnoll 520.000 Gold
59th Shining Sword Loki 150x Tickets
60th Captain Fulson 10x Platinum Ally Tickets
61st Sorcerer Theros 150x Shoes
62nd Archer Pelas 3d 100% XP Pot
63rd Kerr 540.000 Gold
64th Brightspark 150x Tickets
65th Captain Turq 7d Thunder Fury
66th Knight Ari 150x Shoes
67th High Commander Patta 3d 100% XP Pot
68th Commander Garotan 560.000 Gold
69th Princess Mercedes 150x Tickets
70th Flame Wizard Whay 1x SSS Ally ticket (exact type of ticket unknown)
71st Belle Snow 160x Shoes
72nd Commander Cannon 3d 100% XP Pot
73rd Captain Turq 580.000 Gold
74th Scrunch Gnarl 160x Tickets
75th Knight Tiel 7d Komodo Fairy
76th Pirate King Byron 160x Shoes
77th Deathcrown 3d 100% XP Pot
78th Bloody Hero Slasher 600.000 Gold
79th Rollo the Princess of Varman 160x Tickets
80th Refuge King Gram SSS
81st Captain Fulson 170x Shoes
82nd Calgar, Wolf of Death 3d 100% XP Potion
83rd 620.000 Gold
84th 170x Tickets
85th 7d Dark Fury
86th 170x Shoes
87th 3d 100% XP Pot
88th 640.000 Gold
89th 170x Tickets
90th ...(SSS Summon)
91st [[ ]]
92nd [[ ]]
93rd [[ ]]
94th [[ ]]
95th [[ ]]
96th [[ ]]
97th [[ ]]
98th [[ ]]
99th [[ ]]
100th [[ ]]

Note: Most skills/passives that would usually not work on Transcended allies will now work on them. For example, Nightmare Queen Lilith's death passive will kill a Transcended ally.

Floor Boss Reward
1st Karang (Unawakened) 300 Shoes
2nd Queen Caberra 300 Tickets
3rd Nightmare Queen Lilith 15 Light Essence
4th Captain Shabelle 7 days of Thunder Fury
5th Draco Bloodwind 1 SSS Ally Summon
6th Pirate King Byron 5,000,000 Gold
7th Knight Tiel 9+1 Ally Summon Ticket
8th Dragon Buster Ouranos 20 Essence Selects
9th Orc Warrior Ackard 3 SSS Jewel Selects
10th Transcended Bloodwind 2 SSS Ally Summons
11th Banshee Widow Emily 300 Shoes
12th Captain Fulson 300 Tickets
13th Brave King Karang 15 Hero Essence
14th Yvante the Incubus 7 days of Komodo Wings
15th Draco Brightspark 1 SSS Ally Summon
16th Flame Wizard Whay 7,000,000 Gold
17th Commander Azur 200 Rubies
18th Dragon Buster Gaia 20 Essence Selects
19th Shining Sword Loki 3 SSS Jewel Selects
20th Transcended Brightspark 2 SSS Ally Summons
21st Hero King Gram 400 Shoes
22nd Ertanible the Incubus 400 Tickets
23th Tainted Loki 15 Titan Essence
24th Rollo the Princess of Varman 7 days of Dark Fury
25th Draco Blackaria 2 SSS Ally Summons
26th Engulfed Madness Aron 9,000,000 Gold
27th Dark Elf Tinuvian 300 Rubies
28th Dragon Buster Epsilon 20 Essence Selects
29th Commander Garotan 7 SSS Jewel Selects
30th Transcended Blackaria 3 SSS Ally Summons
31st Dark Elf Lucienne 400 Shoes
32nd Captain Freya 400 Tickets
33th Calgar the Master of Spirits 20 Essence Selects
34th Dark Marble Pearla 7 days of Deadly Fire
35th Draco Greysoul 2 SSS Ally Summons
36th Lagner the King of Varman 12,000,000 Gold
37th Lilith the Succubus 300 Rubies
38th Dragon Buster Stigma 7 Transcended Essence
39th SSS Warrior Banshe in 4-3 7 SSS Jewel Selects
40th Transcended Greysoul 3 SSS Ally Summons
41st 500 Shoes
42nd 500 Tickets
43th Some Awakened Hero 20 Essence Selects
44th 7 Days of Thunder Fury
45th Draco Deathcrown 3 SSS Ally Summons
46th 15,000,000 Gold
47th 400 Rubies
48th Dragon Buster Pluto 10 Transcended Essence
49th 10 SSS Jewel Selects
50th Transcended Deathcrown 4 SSS Ally Summons