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Patch for game version 3.0.8.

Expected: 4.5 Hours
5/30/16 18:00 ~ 5/30/16 22:30 PDT
5/31/16 9:00 ~ 5/31/16 13:30 SGT
5/31/16 3:00 ~ 5/31/16 07:30 CEST

New Content

  • League System - PvP Game modes (except Fortress) will now be seperated into two leagues
    • Buster League can be attended by anyone, and Key units will be allowed here.
    • Hero League can be attended by anyone, but no Keys will activate here.
  • 2nd Awakened Wave - Tainted Loki & Power Sword Ackard


  • Deus Ragnarok entry ticket price has been reduced from 10 to 5. Players can now buy 1 Badge:Ragnarok ticket in all chapter 2 Raids for 5 tokens.
  • Auto-enhance Equipment function added - A checkbox will now be tickable in the enhancment UI. Dragging legitimate items into the enhance box will automatically start the enhancment, without the previous pop up dialouge box.