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Greetings Bodens,

Below are detailed about today's scheduled maintenance, as an added bonus we've decided to include the patch details in this thread as well!

We hope you're as excited as we are for the new update! 

6/22/15 5:00PM ~ 10:00PM PDT. Expected Duration: 5 Hours+

06/23 8:00 ~ 13:00 (SGT) Expected Duration: 5 Hours+

06/23 2:00 ~ 7:00 (CEST) Expected Duration: 5 Hours+

Update Details

New Daily Dungeon


New Skill Cards


New SSS Allies:

Knight Tiel


Shining Sword Loki


Increased enhance to (+Ultimate)

- Stats will increase by 30% when the ally is enhanced to Ultimate.

World Boss: Hydra


- Updated Daily Login Bonus

- Day 14: [A~SS] Ally -> [A~SSS] Ally

- Day 21: [A~SSS] Ally -> [S] Ally

- Day 28: [S] Ally -> [SS] Ally

- Login bonus will be changed on 07/01

- Monthly Purchase Package Reset

First Monthly Purchase can be made through the shop. (1 purchase per month, excluding 50 Ruby package) For full details please see the official announcement: First Monthly Purchase Package Details

- Invite Friend Reward Reset

10, 20, 30, 40 Friend bonus has been reset and rewards can be earned for inviting additional friends.

Source: Gamevil