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Greetings Bodens,

Patch notes are here! Find out what's new below:

  • New Costumes: Swimsuits
  • New Ally: Flame Wizard Whay
  • New Event Shop: Rose Event

Official Forum Guide

  • Guild Battle is now from 6pm to 12 am PST (9 pm to 3 am EST)
  • Added four new GM Events

Buy 10 Premium Summons and get 2 FREE (07/07 ~ 07/19)

Create a guild and receive 50% gold back! (07/07 ~ 07/21)

Join a guild and [A~S] Ally Summon

Participate in 10 or more Guild Battle and receive a [A~S] Ally Summon. Participate in 20 or more for a Premium Ally.

Participate in 30 or more for a Premium Ally Summon + [S] Ally.

GM Event rewards will now expire after 7 days in the mailbox.

Source: Gamevil