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Patch notes for the NEW Chapter 2 are here! Find out what's new below:


  1. Added Blue Pearl Stage (Directs players to Chapter 2)
  2. Added new stages for Chapter 2, "Forfeited Forest"
  3. Added new quests for Chapter 2
  4. Added new monsters for Chapter 2: High Elves, Fairies, Spiders, etc.
  5. Added new Allies! Check out this link for the full list!
  6. Added new Raid Boss: Phoenix of the Flames
  7. Added Deify System
    • Added Memory Essences (Purchased from shop or dropped from monsters)
    • Deify into Quinque Dracos
      How to obtain a Quinque Draco Ally
      Any [SSS] Mage Class Ally + Max Enhance + 10X Brightspark Memory Essences = Draco Brightspark
      Any [SSS] Archer Class Ally + Max Enhance + 10X Bloodwind Memory Essences = Draco Bloodwind
      Any [SSS] Rogue Class Ally + Max Enhance + 10X Greysoul Memory Essences = Draco Greysoul
      Any [SSS] Priest Class Ally + Max Enhance + 10X Blackaria Memory Essences = Draco Blackaria
      Any [SSS] Warrior Class Ally + Max Enhance + 10X Deathcrown Memory Essences = Draco Deathcrown
  8. Increased max level to 60.
  9. Increased max ally count to 70.
  10. Updated Friend Invitation Reward: 40 Friends will now reward a [SS] Ally.
  11. Close Rose Event Shop
    • Event End: 07/20 PDT Maintenance
    • Trade End: ~07/27 PDT

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where iOS devices were not able to send in-game messages.
  • Improved Labyrinth Ally switch feature.
  • Added fallen ally indicator.
  • Added receive all feature in mailbox.
  • Improved Buff Indicator.
  • Added "Next Stage" feature in result screen.
  • Resetting skill will now reset all skills to 0.
  • Added feature to allow players to see the stage's rewards.

Season 2 Gifts!

  • All players who login by ~08/25 PDT will receive a free SSS Ally.
  • All skills have been reset for free!