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Patch notes for the game version: 3.1.1 (to be confirmed).

To be announced

Balance Buffs

The Deity races Quinque Dracos, Septem Archangeli and Novem Boden are being buffed this patch to ensure a balance between ascended allies.

The buffs include main attribute stat buffs and skill buffs for various, but not all deities.

Wiki articles will be updated to their new form. Request the old version in the respective comment section of the article in question.

Folio UI

Folio additional information buttons

The in-game folio and all in-game ally pages will now feature 3 new buttons as seen in the image to the right, which display information that the player may already know from the wikia, such as the video preview.
From left to right: Video Preview, Info Deify, Info Create.

Video Preview shows an interactive animation preview for the unit's skills and normal attacks. (Can already be found on the wikia for Deity and higher units.) Note that not all animations or summons are able to be displayed correctly.

The "Info Create" window will additionally show whether and how many of the necessary materials the player owns.

5th Awakened Wave

Two new allies will be added to the game. Follow the links to the wiki articles.

« Read main article Dark Elf Queen Windlune.

« Read main article Tinuvian the Poison Fang.


The last three remaining formations from the Korean version will be added to the game at once.

« See Formations.

Hall of Fame

Until the patch hits live, we recommend to read this post about the Hall of Fame after it has been released on the Korean version.

« Read User_blog:Browseitall/NEW_in_KR_-_Hall_of_Fame.


  • New game icon (view whole gallery at our article about Gamevil)
  • Special Effects ON/OFF
    • Enable this feature by clicking the gear icon in the lobby -> Settings -> Last option
      • This feature will disable most of the in-game special effects caused by unit's skills and attacks, and was introduced by Flint in a recent Korean patch to stabilize in-game experience and reduce battery consumption.
  • Tower of Validation both leagues extended from 50 to 70 floors
  • New Game Intro (logging screen)
  • Max Gear stats

Unlisted improvments

  • Damage/HP recovery numbers' size decreased
  • Collapsed ally sections in the in-game folio
  • New special edition Ally Summer (Ally) (only rewarded for log in after maintenance)



  • 1+1 rubies
  • 1+1 Summon
  • 20% disount on costumes


  • Laurel wreath