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Patch for the game version 3.0.6 (awaiting confirmation)

Example of the Throne Room.

Americas: 5/2 6:00PM ~ 5/3 12:00AM PDT
EU: 5/3 3:00 ~ 9:00 CEST
SEA: 5/3 9:00 ~ 15:00 SGT
Duration: 6 Hours

New Content

Fortress Battle

The Fortress Battle mode is a new Game mode, where player set up a Defending team to protect their own castle, and attack other players to climb the ladder.

Check out the Fortress Battle article for information.

Destruction Dungeon

Similar to the Daily Dungeon - A Dungeon like PvE game mode where players raid new monsters every day, to gain item rewards.

Check out the Destruction Dungeon article.

New Pet - Deadly Fire

This new pet combines Skill Cards or Jewels automatically, and reduces the prize to do so.

Check out the full description in the Pets article.


  • Dragon Busters will now be able to be summoned at 100% STA. This new adjustment can be set in the Key window, as usual.
  • Rewards can be claimed automatically now.
  • New Game Icon. Check out Gamevil and the Application Icon section.

Other minor changes

  • Cherry Blossom event comes to an end. Items can be exchanged until 20/5.
  • Other Events come to an end (1+1, Bonus rubies/gold)