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Wiki-wordmark This article will be updated when more information is avaible about this feature (when he is playable in the Monday World Boss). Expected updates coming with the 01/Aug.
Kr patch arch buster all set

Arch Buster with finished Settings.

The ARCH Buster (아크 버스터, akeu beoseuteo, also Ark or Arc Buster) is a noncollectable, playable and universal unit, introduced to the Korean game version with the Chapter 5-2 Arch Patch. He is handed out to all currently existing, returning and upcoming players.
Originally the spaceship from Chapter 5's mission, the Arch Buster descended and transformed into a Steel Giant capable of fighting Space Monsters such as Erebos.


Kr patch commercial

Ad with the Spaceship version of the Arch Buster in a Korean subway.

As the most prominent feature and sought after content from the Arch Patch, the Arch Buster was promoted and used for commercials and various banners, decoration most of the Dragon Blaze offical websites during that time. However, before the Arch Buster was even hinted to be released as a playable unit, his Spaceship form could already be seen long ago in the Chapter 5 commercials.
The Arch Buster used in-game takes only form in his Battle form whereas in commercial videos and in story clips he is also featured in his Spaceship form.


The use of the Arch Buster is limited. Upon his release he could only be used for the World Boss Erebos and some Daily Dungeon stages such as the Wednesday one. However, Flint mentioned that they planned to add more content where the Arch Buster can be used in, which they did in the SECOND IMPACT patch by enabling the ARCH Buster to be used in 2 stages of the new area.
As a naturally implemented feature, Arch Buster is not to be viewed as a unit which needs to be created. It's a feature that all players own, making it the first noncollectable but playable unit in the game.

Nomenclatur and RomanizationSwordright

Kr patch arch on retention effects

아크 버스터 is romanized after RR as akeu beoseuteo which is equal to Arc or Ark and further Arch; all three romanizations being vaible options. However, Flint decided to romanize 아크 (akeu) as ARCH. The word is also not capitalized under usual circumstances. The first use of their romanization could be seen in a leaked image of the Retention Effects (see image) and soon after in the Arch Patch Previews.


With the patch, a [Arch Buster] button was added to the ally storage. Accessing it will lead to Arch Buster menu with the current settings and equipment of the player's own Arch Buster.

Kr patch arch buster button

The Arch Buster uses four skills dex, int, str & sta based on the mounted Transcended units, which seem to be displayed in color tones of the final Arch Buster used in battle.
Retention Effects also apply to him.

Ally SelectionSwordright

Tapping the ally slots leads to the player's Transcended storage. Players can select up to 10 Transcended units to mount their Arch Buster.

Kr patch arch buster menu

The mounted allies will determine the Combat Power (golden number over the skill slots: Rogue emblemCombat Power in number) of the player's Arch Buster.

Allies can be unmounted at will.

Skill SelectionSwordright

Tapping the 3 slots above those leads to the skill menu. Arch Busters have a total of 7 skills. The players must select 3.
Each skill has an active effect and a passive effect bound into it.
Each enhancement of the Arch Buster reduces each skills' cooldown.

Kr patch arch buster skill menu

Skills are categorized by classes (8 classes, 8 skills) and are unlocked when the class of the mounted allies aligns.

The table below mirrors the Korean image (players can therefore use it as a direct translation reference for the future)

Nature Warrior Samurai Archer Priest Mage Rogue Paladin Incanter
Name Booster Punch Twin Blades Destroyer Repair Sequecer Plasma Beam Plasma Cutter Field Barrier Psionic Jammer
Icon Arch Buster Booster Punch Icon Arch Buster Twin Blades Icon Arch Buster Destroyer Icon Arch Buster Repair Sequecer Icon Arch Buster Plasma Beam Icon Arch Buster Plasma Cutter Icon Arch Buster Field Barrier Icon Arch Buster Jammer Icon
Active Inflict 920% damage to one enemy and reduce their DEF by 40% for 19 seconds. Inflict 1150% damage to an enemy and reduces Defense by 30% for 9 seconds. Inflict 900% damage to one enemy and 400% splash damage. (All attacks hit critical) Recovers 390% HP and increases HP recovery by 180% for 9 seconds. Inflict 660% damage to one enemy and 150% DOT damage for 9 seconds. Inflict 790% damage to one enemy and decreases HP recovery by 50% for 8 seconds. Grants protective shield equal to 600% of ATK for 12 seconds. Inflict 920% damage to one enemy and remove all its buffs.
Passive Increase STA by 30%. Increase Attack power by 20% Increase ACC by 300. Decrease received Magical-Icon magical damage by 20%. Increase Crit Rate by 300. Increases Physical-Icon physical damage +20%. Decrease received Physical-Icon physical damage by 20% Increases Magical-Icon magical damage +20%.
A.CD CD: 8.3 sec CD: 8.3 sec CD: 8.2 sec CD: 17.6 sec CD: 8.2 sec CD: 4.9 sec CD: 18.4 sec CD: 6.6 sec

Tapping the skills marks them. The return button can safely tapped then; the skills are saved.

Equipment and EnhancementSwordright

The Arch Buster features 5 pieces of equipment which can be individually enhanced. They can be upgraded to increase the Arch Buster's Combat Power.
Stats of the ARCH Buster are comprimied from the mounted units and increases each time the ARCH Buster itself is leveled by 10% (9% for some levels as a result of numerical rounding).

When all pieces are equally upgraded the Arch Buster also levels up (all pieces hit level 19->Buster levels up to level 19). The maximum confirmed level upon its release was lvl 48, which Flint increased occasionally along with the Runes levels.

The enhancement and level up system are almost identical to the Rune Engraving System. The resources to upgrade an equipment piece are, just as with Runes, obtained from the Sunday Daily Dungeon.

Kr patch arch buster equipment

(Warning: The red button in the middle of the screen is [Auto Enhance Parts] which equally spreads the resources to automatically enhance as far as possible; this can mess with players' enhance plans)

  • Photoelectron Induction SensorArch Buster Sensor Icon
    • (Grants Skills reduced Cooldown)
    • Grants ACC
  • Nano Skin Reinforced GlovesArch Buster Gloves Icon
    • (Grants Skills reduced Cooldown)
    • Grants DEF
  • Lightspeed Warp EngineArch Buster Warp Engine Icon
    • (Grants Skills reduced Cooldown)
    • Grants EVA
  • Plasma DriveArch Buster Plasma Drive Icon
    • (Grants Skills reduced Cooldown)
    • Grants Crit Rate
  • Arch Booster ModuleArch Buster Booster Module Icon
    • (Grants Skills reduced Cooldown)
    • Grants Crit Damage
  • Motion Accelerated CoreArch Buster Motion Accelerated Core Icon (added on the 31/Aug)
    • (Grants Skills reduced Cooldown)
    • "Knockback" chance reduction

Design Change

The wiki team might add all appearenes into this section in the future. Help out by commenting with screenshots of your own Arch Buster

Each level up of the Arch Buster changes its appearance. For example, on level 1 there is no headpiece, but on level 10 and beyond a head decoration is visible. Arch Buster changes a detail with every 5 levels.