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The Dungeons are part of the Lore and more on telling the story of Dragon Blaze as well as enhancing the player's level through various battles. Progressing through the Dungeon unlocks further stages as well as certain raids necessary to continuing the quests (through leveling and acquiring better items) and finishing the story.

In Dungeons, you will gain the most Experience Points in the game to level up your Character and Allies. The stages are also where you can follow the basic storyline and uncover the mysteries of Dragon Blaze.

Read about the Lore and Story of Dragon Blaze on the Quinique Dracos and Septem Archangeli pages.


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Dungeon Illustrations

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Dragon's Landing

Chapter 1's Map is called Dragon's Landing and is unlocked by default.

Currently, only Chapters 1,2 and 3 have been released and are separated by 3 maps in game.
Chapter 1 plays on Dragon's Landing , Chapter 2 will follow the story line of the Forgotten Core and Icy Land will reveal the history of Dragon Busters and Dark Souls.

Forgotten Core

Chapter 2's Map is called Forgotten Core and must be unlocked first.

In order to access the second chapter, you must reach level 55 and have the 3rd area of chapter 1 unlocked. The player may switch back and forth between the chapters by clicking the arrows at the very top of the screen. No progress will be lost upon doing so.

Every Chapter except Chapter 1 will drop Jewels, Deity Essences and Equipment with Jewelry Socket slots.

Both Chapters 1 and 2 used to feature 4 difficulty modes which the player could choose to play through. The first one that is unlocked immediately was Normal mode, followed by Hero, Legendary and Myth mode at last, each unlocked by completing the previous.
This is no longer the case since the Chapter 3 Preview update where all modes for Chapters 1 and 2 were combined.

Dragon's Landing
Golem Hill Desert of the Fallen Forgotten Forest Obsidian Mountain Crown's Landing
1st Area Gnollwood Yellow Wall Ivory Teeth Lake Obsidian Mountain Entrance John's Pumpkin Patch
2nd Area Fallen Golem Desert Forgotten Ruins Tomb of Echoes Castle Entrance
3rd Area Pixie Falls Sandstorm Hill Shadow River Mountain Pass of the Dead Landing Garden
4th Area Remains of the Fallen Fog Region Road to Dark Fortress Foggy Rampart
5th Area Deserted Tower Dark Fortress The Fortress
Unlocked Raid Komodo Dragon Storm Tyrant Junglefury Shadowcrag Deathcrown

Forgotten Core
Forfeited Forest Sundered Ruins Blackridge Cliffs Dark Legion's Fortress
1st Area Spider Vine Thicket Submerged Ruins Thorny Downs Infernal Fortress Outerward
2nd Area Detached Temple Forsaken Monastery Cliff of Chasms Demonic Pass
3rd Area Hermit Lake Spider Ruins Cave of Demons Infernal Fortress Inner Ward
4th Area Pilgrim's Road Guardian's Grave Infernal Fortress Gateway Dark Legion Quarters
5th Area Crystal Palace Leaning Tower of Sages Infernal Fortress Entrance Scorched Terra
Unlocked Raid Phoenix of the Flames Aqualis of the Abyss Valmut of the Netherworld Ragnarok

Icy Land
Ancient's Landing Fiery Land
1st Area Winter Lake Moonlight Lake Grave of the Deceased
2nd Area Beach of the Dead Flaming Pit Frozen Ruins
3rd Area Ancient Grave Dragon Grave Ivory Grave
4th Area Primeval Forest Ancient Library Icy Fang
5th Area Windy Hill Broken Fortress Demonic Crater
Unlocked Raid Leviathan Disgael Frozen Tyrant Destructive Ragnarok


IMG 1960

Sample of Sub-stages that comprise one stage.

Each Map is divided into Areas, further broken down to different locations zone, within each zone, there are stages varying from 5 to 9 stages. Each Location has at least one Boss stage usually at the end, marked in Red. These have a chance to drop SS and SSS gears, which cannot be dropped in regular green stages. Completing all the locations in an area also unlocks that area's specific Raid

Dungeon Difficulties

Dungeon Difficulties were once available options for players to choose the level difficulty, once Normal mode was completed. There were four difficulties for each Chapter in the global game version, however since the Chapter 3 Preview patch all four difficulties have been combined.
Dungeon Difficulty will not return to Chapter 1 or 2, and will only be implemented to Chapter 3 when all Areas have been unlocked.
Afterwards all areas for the next difficulty will be unlocked, until the game reaches the point of "Myth Mode" again. Difficulty will then be removed in the following patches once again.

Mode icon
  • Normal Mode: Unlocked by default. Starting stage of the game. Begins at Golem Hill (Ch1) & Spider Vine Thicket (Ch2). Normal mode for Chapter 2 can only be unlocked by completing the quest The Blue Pearl (Myth) at level 55 or higher.
  • Hero Mode: Unlocked by completing Normal Mode. 
  • Legend Mode: Unlocked by completing Hero Mode, also unlocks Deus Deathcrown Raid at Crown's Landing.
  • Myth Mode: Highest mode, unlocked by completing Legend Mode, also unlocks 6-man Ragnarok Raid at Forgotten core. 


Stages boss

Bosses are found at every last stage of each location. Those with the orange mark are considered mini bosses or sub bosses, while those marked in red are the Main Bosses of that stage. 

Main Bosses are usually SSS ranked and are supported by leagues of SS or S ranked subordinates. Most supporters, once defeated, return to fight again after a certain amount of time if the boss is still not defeated. They usually come in waves of 3 leaving the boss to fight solo after the third wave.

Boss Fight

Standard Boss Fight

These bosses are either directly connected to the story line or contribute greatly to it. They also have a chance of dropping premium items in the game.

Chapter 1 bosses can drop rare items while Chapter 2 bosses can drop rare items and Essences needed for Deify System

Crystal Palace is the only location in the game wherein you have to fight 2 Main bosses at different stages but on the same location. You will have to fight The Guardian of Light, Knight Tiel followed by the Flame Wizard Whay in the aforementioned stage. Other stages have only one boss stage with multiple bosses grouped together.

Most bosses will be at the same or a few levels higher than your hero, so expect it to be a tough fight. Certain strategies are required by the game in order to pass them. They need to be defeated in order to proceed to the next stages. Once they are defeated, a "Clear" Banner will be applied to the stage indicating that you were successful.  There are some instances that bosses change once you have cleared the story line and instead are replaced by lower tier bosses. Example for this is Cave of Demons' first stages which will surprise the player with an early boss battle against three Succubi bosses. 


  • In the Login-Screen of Chapter 2, you can see the Detached Temple Area before it was destroyed.
  • It is always day time in any of the stages, but the scenery will turn into night time when entering a boss stage.
  • Skills are disabled when changing and waiting for waves to spawn. However some Skills such as Magnify and Greysoul's Shadow Soul are able to cast themselves while waiting for the wave to spawn. This can only occur when on "auto mode".
  • The most difficult stages for the player base were Hero King Gram's last stage, Thorny Down's last stage and the first stage of Cave of Demons.
  • If the player clears every stage with one attempt he would only need a total of 380 shoes in order to clear the entire Normal mode of chapter 1. Thus, one need 1520 shoes to clear all modes of Dragons Landing.
    For Forgotten Core, 360 shoes are needed to clear the Normal mode and therefore a total of 1440 to clear the entire chapter 2.
  • On the Korean Servers, the player only needs 264 shoes to clear the entire chapter 1. The areas have less stages and there is only 1 difficulty mode to play through.
    Chapter 2 will need a total of 244 for the entire map.
    Chapter 3 generally has more stages per area, but it is still unclear how many shoes will be needed because the difficulty modes will be implemented in January 2016's patch.