Default Ally Icon

The default ally badge.

Allies (sg Ally, kr 동료, dongryo) are the acquirable characters in Dragon Blaze. Unlike main characters, allies are divided not only in classes also in grades, from [C]~[G] (lowest to highest). The grade of an ally can be simply determined by the number of stars on the badge.

The [SSS] and [U] grade allies also feature special races of units. Such is the SSS-grade Deities, which are stronger than regular SSS grade.
The special U-grade units take form as the Key Units, which are not typically considered allies, since they are equipped on such. They can be labeled as "Units", to include both regular allies and their grade's special type.
The traditional U-grade allies were released on a later date as the Transcended allies.


The following table shows links to the respective Category pages.
The order (G to SSS) represents a hierarchy among the units. Units further up in the hierarchy enjoy special Unit Traits/Aspects that make them resistance or otherwise superior to units below them.
The vertical order represents a chronological release of the first unit of the respective race. To be read from left to right.

First Impact Emblem
First Impact Brightspark Icon
First Impact Helios Icon
First Impact Claye Ethel Icon
First Impact Kroon Icon
First Impact Osiris Icon
Exalted Emblem
Exalted Firstcrown Icon
Exalted El Gravis Icon
Exalted Pride Icon
Exalted Isis Icon
Exalted Tiehr Icon
Kr patch suns emblem
Overlord Ban Icon
Overlord Kaihen Icon
Overlord Claye Ethel Icon
Overlord Isilien Icon
Overlord Inhaeri Icon
Transcended emblem
Transcended Deathcrown Icon
Transcended Kymael Icon
Transcended Shadow Howl Icon
Transcended King Gram Icon
Transcended Helios Icon

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Enhance and Limit Break

Enhancing an ally grants it increased stats that will apply on all sources the ally receives. Similarly, there is a mechanism called Limit Break, which allows enhancements beyond the max enhancement status.
These two systems share some similarities but Limit Break features more restrictions.

See main article Enhancing and Limit Break.


In short, combine is a system that use two lower grade allies to create a random ally that is 1 grade higher. The two base allies must have reached MAX enhancement status and reach 100 rapport.
Note that limit broken allies can be combined, but are not required to do so. Combine only works on SS or lower grade allies.

See main article Combine.

Platinum Summons

Probability for ally summons

40% 55% 4% 1%
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