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If the skies refuse to bring thunder, I'll strike down thunder myself.
Blast Archer
Archer Ur
Archer Ur
Ur is an elite Orc archer whose nimble bow carries the force of cannon balls. The mere sound of his unique arrows strike fear into his enmies.
Role DPS
Main Bow
Offhand Quiver
Main Attribute DEX
Skill Effect Cooldown
(Active 1)
Fire Extinguishing Arrow
An Orc can release an arrow powerful enough to split mountains.

Inflicts 606% damage.

12.5 sec
(Active 2)
Arrow of Destruction
An arrow of energy that holds the potential to crush anything.

Inflicts 484% damage and decreases the enemy's DEF by 52% for 19 sec.

16.3 sec
(Active 3)
Thunder Arrow
This arrow of the Orcs delivers thunder from the heavens and forces submission.

Inflicts 733% damage.

15.0 sec
(Passive 1)
Archery Skills
Orcs that have specialized themselves for battle will handle arrows with a speed that none can surpass.

Increases ATK Speed by 18%.

(Passive 2)
Respecting the Strong
Orcs show respect only to those who are stronger. All the while, an intense desire to defeat them burns within.

Increases damage by 27% when battling a boss.

Additional Information
  • His DEF reduction can stack due to his CD being lower than the skill's duration.