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Arena is a ranking contest that pits players and their strongest allies against others.

The player assembles an attack-team and chooses his enemy from a list of possible opponents, whose defending team will attend the battle.
The defending enemy's attacks and skills will automatically be controlled by the game computer.

Every player can check his battle history for a list of his attacks, as well as incoming attacks. The record differentiates between incoming and outgoing attacks. It will also inform of the player of lost and gained rank-points.

The Arena resets weekly every Tuesday at 3am PST.

Point System

Work In Progress

Bonus Points

Winning consecutive fights in Arena will net you extra points up to +20 in addition to your points for selecting an opponent from the list. Losing a fight will bring your point bonus back to 0.

Players may randomly receive an option to accept a Challenge. Challenges are blind fights where you do not get to see the opponent's team or class beforehand. If you win the Challenge, you will get double points for the fight.

Team Assembly


In the old arena, a team consisted of 3 allies and 1 helper.

Arena Teams consist of your Character, 4 Allies, and 1 Helper.

After the Arena Reset, you will be asked to register your team before you are allowed to attack. You may choose to register whenever you please.

However, unlike suspected by the community, the registered team is neither finalized, nor set as the default. In both Friend Battle and normal arena fights, the team that the enemy will be fighting will depend on the team that was used in the player's most recent battle. The registered team will only defend against enemies when the player has not yet joined any battles.

Gear, Formations and Enhancement status are updated with every attack as well. The real-time gear will not be taken into account.

Helpers will stay and defend for your team as long as you joined with them in a recent battle or registered them. (They must not be summoned in-battle, but taking them as helpers with you will be enough to lock them to you defense team.) The helper will then stay in your defending team, even when it seems like they disappeared upon relogging or rejoining the arena. (Needs more testing.)

You may choose and reassemble your team with which you want to fight whenever you want to (and ultimately your defending team).


After Arena reset, players are rewarded based on how they placed against all participants. Ranking is based on the amount of points earned. Meeting certain tiers and ranks will allow you to be rewarded based on the chart below. Rewards given are Rubies, Titles, and Arena Coins.

Please submit frames and titles for the ranks: 100, 1%, 3% and 15%
Rank Rubies Coins Title Title Stats Title Frame
1st Place 830 430 Legendary Star Weapon ATK+605
MAX Weapon ATK+847
Legendary Star frame
Top 10 600 390 Legendary Star Gazer Weapon ATK+525
MAX Weapon ATK+735
Legendary Star Gazer frame
Top 50 450 360 Legendary Star Chaser Weapon ATK+497
MAX Weapon ATK+695
Legendary Star Chaser frame
Top 100 370 340 TBA Weapon ATK+280
MAX Weapon ATK+392
Top 1% 320 310 Gladiator of the Battlefield Weapon ATK+280
MAX Weapon ATK+392
Gladiator of the Battlefield frame
Top 3% 280 290 TBA Weapon ATK+262
MAX Weapon ATK+366
Top 5% 250 270 Duelist of the Battlefield Weapon ATK+262
MAX Weapon ATK+366
Duelist of the Battlefield frame
Top 10% 210 240 Fighter of the Battlefield Weapon ATK+231
MAX Weapon ATK+323
Fighter of the Battlefield frame
Top 15% 180 230 TBA Weapon ATK+231
MAX Weapon ATK+323
Top 20% 140 190 Challenger of the Battlefield Weapon ATK+140
MAX Weapon ATK+196
Top 30% 100 140 Challenger of the Battlefield Weapon ATK+140
MAX Weapon ATK+196
Top 40% 50 80 Challenger of the Battlefield Weapon ATK+140
MAX Weapon ATK+196
Top 50% 40 40 Challenger of the Battlefield Weapon ATK+140
MAX Weapon ATK+196
Top 60% 30 30 None
Top 70% 25 25 None
Top 80% 20 20 None
Top 90% 15 15 None
Top 100% 10 10 None

Arena Shop

Depending on the number of coins won, participants can buy a variety of rewards from the shop ranging from Class Costume Sets to Premium Arena Jewels.

The Arena shop was changed to the Coin Shop in the 3.0.3 patch, in mid March. Please follow this link for its own article.