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« Read GL main article Awakened Heroes.
This article only exists to feature the buffed and upcoming versions.

The Awakened are a set of existing SSS Allies who can undergo an Awakening process that is similar to that of the Deify System. This will allow them to match the prowess of a Deity.
Note that skills are subject to change.

The Awakened Allies

Release order:

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No more Awakened Allies will be released after the 9th wave.

Note for Skills:

  • Green indicates recently buffed skills. (drastic change) indicates a whole revamp of the skill.
  • Orange indicates recently nerfed skills. (request a skill comparison in the comments)


« Read GL main article Merciful Mercedes.
  1. Recovers 410% HP of all party members. [CD 6.1 sec]
  2. Removes debuffs and grants immunity for 8 sec for all party members. [CD 22.5 sec]
  3. Revives one party member with 100% HP. [CD 49.4 sec]
  4. Increases self's INT by 16% and increases DEF by 18% for all party members.
  5. Recovers 433% of her ATK as HP for all party members upon her death, for 12 sec. [CD 20.8 sec]
  6. Normal Attack: Recovers HP of a single party member and increases the HP recovery to them.

King Gram

« Read GL main article Refuge King Gram.
  1. Inflicts 1992% damage to a one enemy and decreases its ACC by 39% for 11 sec. If the enemy wears an invincible buff then he will inflict additional 2270% damage, remove that buff and deal 50% of the final damage to surroundings. [CD 13.0 sec]
  2. Inflicts 285% damage to all enemies for 4 sec and recover 80% HP for the damage dealt. Has a chance to stun. [CD 22.5 sec]
  3. Makes himself invincible for 11 sec while increasing his ATK by 70%. [CD 19.1 sec]
  4. Increases STA by 9% and DEF PEN by 32% for his entire party.
  5. Increases his own STR by 16%.
  6. Normal Attack: Chance to briefly knock enemies into the air.


« Read GL main article Tainted Loki.
  1. Inflicts 1989% damage to one enemy and additional 130% damage per second for 11 sec. [CD 9.9 sec]
  2. Inflicts 1357% damage to one enemy and disable its skills for 11 sec. [CD 12.4 sec]
  3. Inflicts 603% damage to all enemies and reduces their HP recovery by 80% for 11 sec. [CD 20.8 sec]
  4. Increases his ATK SPD by 25 and his Weapon ATK by 23%.
  5. If his HP drops below 60% HP he will vanish for 16 sec and gain life-steal for 47% HP of dealt damage to enemies for 7 sec. [CD 24.8 sec]
  6. Normal Attack: Decreases his own Cooldowns.


« Read GL main article Power Sword Ackard.
  1. Inflicts 1811% damage to one enemy and stun for 12 sec. [CD 14.6 sec]
  2. Inflicts with 100% ACC, 1949% damage to one enemy. [CD 13.0 sec]
  3. Inflicts 671% damage to all enemies. Will instantly kill with 20% chance. [CD 24.6 sec]
  4. Increases ATK by 13% for his entire party.
  5. If his HP drops below 60% HP he will become invincible for 10 sec and gain 250% increased ATK for 13 sec. [CD 26.0 sec]
  6. Normal Attack: Increase own's DEF PEN.

Translation notes to Ackard: His Area of Effect (AOE) instant kill is indeed AOE but each enemy hit will have his individual 20% chance.


« Read GL main article Envoy Fulson.
  1. Ambush Inflicts 1689% on 1 enemy and silences for 7 sec. Inflicts 2x damages during a Secret Mission. [CD 9.9 sec]
  2. Secret Mission Fulson hides for 15 sec and inflicts fixed damage equal to 15% of ATK. When hiding, you may see other enemies in hiding. [CD 26.7 sec]
  3. Explosion of the Potential Increases ATK Speed by 137% for 15 sec. 1 of enemy's buffs is removed on Fulson's normal attack. [CD 26.0 sec]
  4. Assassin's Black Ring Casts a buff that increases DEX by 15% for 8 sec with a 30% chance. Stacks up to 3 times.
  5. Weapons's Expert Increases Fulson's ATK by 37%.
  6. Normal Attack: Stacks a normal attack buff up to 10 times that increases his normal attack.

Notes: His 1st passive can have 3 individual 8.0 sec stacks.


« Read GL main article Messenger Shabelle.
  1. God's Will (Active 1)
    Restores all party members' HP by 359% of ATK or silences all enemies for 7 sec. [CD: 8.06 sec]
  2. Return of the Soul (Active 2)
    Revives all party members with 50% HP and recovers HP by 11% of ATK per second for 13 sec. [CD: 65 sec]
  3. Proof of the Oracle (Active 3)
    Prevents 1 party member's HP from dropping lower that 1 for 13 sec and makes invincible to all debuffs. Recovers HP by 100% when the buff duration expires. [CD: 21.7 sec]
  4. Sacred Will (Passive 1)
    Revives all party members with 100% HP and recovers 130% of ATK per second for 13 sec when Shabelle dies. [CD: 72.8 sec]
  5. Sanctuary (Passive 2)
    Creates a holy area and protects the party member. Increases the party member's DEF by 12% and debuff resistance by 20%.
  6. Normal Attack: Silences the target for 8 seconds.


« Read GL main article Patta the Absolute Protector.
  1. Inflicts with 100% accuracy 2288% damage to one enemy and removes its buffs. Will also detect vanished enemies. [CD 13.0 sec]
  2. Inflicts 508% damage to entire enemy party and will refelect 50% incoming damage for 20 sec. [CD 29.1 sec]
  3. Taunts all enemies for 29.1 sec and reduces incoming damage by 68% for him and 31% for his entire party. [CD 32.0 sec]
  4. Reduces incoming damage from normal attacks by 25%.
  5. Decreases enemies' EVA by 40% and passively detects vanished enemies.
  6. Normal Attack: Chance to stun.


« Read GL main article Dragon Slayer Lucienne.
  1. Inflicts 1357% damage to one enemy and reduces its ATK by 90% for 12.0 sec. [CD 19.8 sec]
  2. Inflicts 678% damage to all enemies and reduces their DEF by 55% for 15.0 sec. [CD 21.8 sec]
  3. Increases her ATK by 107% and her DEF PEN by 52 for 20 sec. [CD 26.0 sec]
  4. Increases own's ATK SPD by 29%
  5. Has 63% additional damage when battling a boss.
  6. Normal Attack: Inflicts additional damage proportional HP.

Notes: Its unclear whether her normal attack effects uses the maxium HP pool/ STA stat. Due to the pharsing it is hard to tell.

Aura Windlune

« Read GL main article Dark Elf Queen Windlune.
  1. Normal Attack Increases her EVA.
  2. Fire Command (Active 1)
    Inflicts 1860% damage on one enemy, removes all active buffs and leaves a mark which will concentrate allies attacks (similar to Draco Deathcrown) on it for 14 sec. [CD 18.4 sec]
  3. Wrath of Yaggdrasil (Active 2)
    Inflicts 1653% damage on one enemy and decreases its DEF by 72% for 15 sec. [CD 13.0 sec]
  4. Finishing Blow (Active 3)
    Inflicts 2687% damage on one enemy once its HP is below 35% and vanishes for 5 sec. The skill will strike with 100% critical chance. [CD 5.9 sec]
  5. Power of the Queen (Passive 1)
    Increases entire party's CRIT DMG by 34.
  6. Will of the Queen (Passive 2)
    Increases entire party's ATK by 13%.


« Read GL main article Tinuvian the Poison Fang.
  1. Normal Attack Inflicts the "Poision" debuff.
  2. Explosive Shot (Active 1)
    Inflicts 1837% damage on one enemy and 620% on surrounding ones, while inflicting the "Poision" debuff. "Poision" damages for 250% damage every second, for 8 sec. [CD 14.3 sec]
  3. Weapons of Spleen (Active 2)
    Inflicts 842% damage on entire enemy party and inflicts the "Poision" debuff. "Poision" inflicts 250% damage every second, for 8 sec. [CD 16.9 sec]
  4. Addictive Strenghting (Active 3)
    Increases her ATK SPD by 69% for 13 sec. Grants the "Poision" debuff 100% CRIT DMG during its duration. [CD 21.5 sec]
  5. Vampire Survival (Passive 1)
    If Tinuvians HP drops below 50% she will regain 46% of her damage dealt to enemies as HP for 11 sec. [CD 26.5 sec]
  6. Dancer's Dance (Passive 2)
    Increases DEX by 21% for self.

Notes: ""중독" 디버프 부여" is the description for the normal attack. "중독" can also be translated into "Addiction".
The 3rd Skill's name certainly fits its game icon. You will see...


« Read GL main article Calgar the Master of Spirits.
  1. Normal Attack Increases DEF pen for himself.
  2. Nemesis: (Active 1)
    Inflicts 1306% damage to entire enemy party and decreases their ATK SPD by 49% for 8 sec. [CD 12.2 sec]
  3. Land Anger: (Active 2)
    Inflicts 568% damage to all enemies every 1.5 secs for 8 seconds. 70% chance to stun all affected enemies for 8 seconds. [CD 27.9 sec]
  4. The Leader of the Spirit Wolves: (Active 3)
    Spirit Wolves are invoked for 20 seconds and recovers all party members' HP equal to 60% damage inflicted by the wolves. [CD: 27.3 sec]
  5. Wolves: (Passive 1)
    Increases Weapon ATK by 27% for himself.
  6. Cry of Spirits: (Passive 2)
    Heals party members with 70% of the damage inflicted by Nemesis and Land Anger. Also increases DEF by 27% (unsure if this applies to Calgar only or party included).

Notes: Land Anger will strike in multiple, continues waves.


« Read GL main article Rollo the Inventor Princess.
  1. Normal Attack: Inflicts damage to all enemies with every normal attack.
  2. Fireworks: (Active 1)
    Inflicts 895% damage to all enemies and has a 70% chance to stun for 10 sec. (70% chance calculated for everyone individually it seems). [CD 18.4 sec]
  3. Vacuum Annihilation: (Active 2)
    Inflicts 689% damage to all enemies and (an additional) 883% to enemies with invulnerability. [CD 13.0 sec] (unsure about additional damage or if it replaces 689%)
  4. Over There!: (Active 3)
    Reduces skill cooldown for Rollo by 50%. For 10 seconds, the attack damage and atk speed of her support ship will increase.
  5. Shell Fragments: (Passive 1)
    Adds 33% additional damage to all of Rollo's attacks.
  6. Support Shooting: (Passive 2)
    A pirate(viking) ship lends support to Rollo and her party members. TL note: It shoots single target attacks at enemies in set intervals. If Over There! is active its canon balls will be colored red.

Notes: Her name seems to be Rollo and not the rumored Polo, since Rollo is a name reference for a Viking who became the first ruler of Normandy. The ship from Support Shooting is placed outside the screen and not visible at any time.


« Read GL main article Hells Gatekeeper Yvante.
  1. Normal Attack: Buffs summoned minion.
  2. Wrath of the Keeper (Active 1)
    Summons suicide bomber for 15 seconds. Bomber inflicts additional damage when using normal attacks and will explode upon death dealing massive damage. [Cooldown: 15.9 sec]
  3. Boundary Guards (Active 2)
    Summons Hell Defender to aid the party for 20 sec. Hell Defender reduces AoE damage and also taunts the enemy. [Cooldown: 26 sec]
  4. Nail the Devil (Active 3)
    Inflicts 1069% damage and additional bleed damage of 261% per sec for 8 sec to all enemies. This skill also has a 70% chance to stun for 10.5 sec. [Cooldown: 13.1 sec]
  5. Bloodstains (Passive 1)
    Increases STA by 17% for entire party.
  6. Soul Collection (Passive 2)
    Gives entire party 32% additional damage at random.


« Read GL main article Nightmare Queen Lilith.
  1. Normal Attack: Renders one of target's buffs worthless.
  2. Temptation's Touch (Active 1)
    Inflicts 2647% damage to an enemy and copies all their buffs for Lilith. [Cooldown: 9.5 sec]
  3. Master of Curses (Active 2)
    Inflicts 852% damage to all enemies and an additional 300% damage for every buff they possess. [Cooldown: 12.4 sec]
  4. Sweet Dreams (Active 3)
    Inflicts 958% damage to all enemies and an additional 827% damage to those with protective shields. [Cooldown: 15 sec]
  5. Follow (Passive 1)
    Lilith's death will cause an enemy to die with her. [Cooldown: 32.4 sec]
  6. Eternal Nightmare (Passive 2)
    Lilith is immune to silence and increases immunity for entire party by 50.


« Read GL main article Brave King Karang.
  1. Normal Attack: Increases own STR.
  2. Nordic Magnum (Active 1)
    Inflicts 2789% to an enemy and for 11 seconds, returns 80% of all damage received from enemy (immune to dispel?). [Cooldown: 8.6 sec]
  3. Nordic Crusher (Active 2)
    Inflicts 1208% damage to all enemies and clears all buffs including invincibility. All normal attacks will be disabled for 10 sec. (Notes) [Cooldown: 14.9 sec]
  4. Dividing Gnoll Driver (Active 3)
    Inflicts 1501% damage to all enemies and has a 90% chance to stun for 10 sec. An additional 2101% damage is inflicted on all hidden enemies. [Cooldown: 11.8 sec]
  5. Hammer Hell (Passive 1)
    Reduces defense of enemies by 35%.
  6. Hammer Heaven (Passive 2)
    Reduces normal attack damage received by 25% for self.

Notes: Either he will avoid all attacks or the enemies cannot attack. Hard to tell from gameplay.


« Read GL main article Friendly Belle Snow.
  1. Normal Attack: Inflicts splash damage.
  2. Cheer up Everyone (Active 1)
    Increases entire party's ATK by 61% for 15.5 sec. [Cooldown: 22.5 sec]
  3. Inns are Safe (Active 2)
    Increases Entire Party's DEF by 54% for 15.5 sec. [Cooldown: 22.5 sec]
  4. Outgoing Snow! (Active 3)
    Invokes an Awakened Ally for 18 sec. [Cooldown: 20.2 sec]
  5. Very Powerful Snow (Passive 1)
    Increases ATK Speed by 16, Critical Rate by 8, and Critical Damage by 23 for entire party.
  6. Reset Snow (Passive 2)
    Upon any allis' death, resets skills.


« Read GL main article Immortal Summoner Whay.
  1. Normal Attack: Reduces enemy's defense.
  2. Immortal Phoenix (Active 1)
    Invokes Phoenix for 33 sec. Phoenix has the ability to use AOE attacks and also strengthen/buff itself at regular intervals. These buffs remain for as long as Phoenix is alive (unsure). [Cooldown: 34.1 sec]
  3. Giant Phoenix's Breath (Active 2)
    Inflicts 1216% damage to an enemy and an additional 412% damage every sec for 8 sec. [Cooldown: 15.9 sec]
  4. Into the Flames (Active 3)
    Inflicts 1238% damage every sec to an enemy for 5 sec. 50% of the damage dealt will be recovered as HP and each attack has a chance to stun. [Cooldown: 14.4 sec]
  5. Life Cycle (Passive 1)
    If Whay dies while Phoenix is present, then she will be resurrected with 100% health at the Phoenix's expense. [Cooldown: 36.1 sec]
  6. Constant Flame (Passive 2)
    Increases ATK by 48% for Whay.


« Read GL main article Destructive Azur.
  1. Normal Attack: Reduces enemy's defense.
  2. Death's Delivery (Active 1)
    Inflicts 3051% damage ignoring the enemy's defense. [Cooldown: 8.5 sec]
  3. Warrior's Roar (Active 2)
    Inflicts 1606% damage to all enemies and has a 70% chance to stun for 14.5 sec. [Cooldown: 14.3 sec]
  4. Beast's Advance (Active 3)
    Increases ATK by 40% and Critical Damage by 70 for entire party for 19 sec. [Cooldown: 26 sec]
  5. Champion's Decree (Passive 1)
    Increases Def Penetration by 30 for party members.
  6. Beast's Breakthrough (Passive 2)
    Increases Weapon ATK by 12% for party members.


« Read GL main article Tiel the Justice.
Class Paladin
Role Tank
My actions are God's Will and God's Judgement.

–Judge Tiel

Normal Attack: Stuns an enemy at a chance.

Judgement of Kronos (Active 1)
Inflicts 2274% damage to an enemy and removes all buffs. Curses target with Judgment debuff for 12.5 sec which allows Tiel to inflict an additional 700% with every hit. [Cooldown: 8.3 sec]

Panacea's Blessing (Active 2)
Grants Tiel and one party member invulnerability for 13.5 secs (immune to dispel). Their ATK will be increased by 127% and Critical Damage by 272. [Cooldown: 28.4 sec]

Inviolable (Active 3)
Inflicts 1717% damage on all enemies and stuns for 9 sec. [Cooldown: 13 sec]

Nectar's Revenge (Passive 1)
Increases Skill Attack for party members by 30%.

Shield of Athena (Passive 2)
Increases INT by 17% and Def by 29% for party members. When Tiel attacks a stunned enemy, an additional 450% damage will be dealt.


« Read GL main article Flame General Turq.
Class Mage
Role DPS
The red flame will burn your soul.

–Flame Commander Turq

Normal Attack: Inflicts Damage over Time.

Fire (Active 1)
Inflicts 3375% damage to one enemy and reduces their Def by 58% for 8 secs. [Cooldown: 11.8 sec]

Red Meteor (Active 2)
Inflicts 1717% damage to all enemies. For all transmuted enemies, an additional 617% damage per sec for 12 secs will be dealt. [Cooldown: 15.4 sec]

Curse of the Witch (Active 3)
Removes buffs on all enemies and inflicts 1462% damage. For 9.5 secs, enemies will be transmuted into frogs. In frog state, max HP is decreased by 50% and upon enemy death, will inflict 1804% surrounding damage. [Cooldown: 17.7 sec]

Fire Shield (Passive 1)
20% of all damage received will be reflected.

Enhanced Horsepower (Passive 2)
Increases INT by 28% and Max HP by 10% for self.


« Read GL main article Soul Keeper Eirden.
Class Mage
Role DPS
Those without souls cannot go against me.

–Soul Master Eirden

Normal Attack: Increases Int for self.

Return to Summon (Active 1)
Inflict 3278% damage to one target and recovers 141% of damage dealt as HP. If target is a summon, it will be dismissed and Eirden will steal 80% of its attack for 12.5 seconds. [Cooldown: 11.8 sec]

Silence (Active 2)
Inflicts 1462% damage to all enemies and silences for 8.5 seconds at a 90% chance. [Cooldown: 13 sec]

NecroMorph (Active 3)
Reanimates a dead enemy for 17.5 secs as her ally. Resurrection is impossible (for the duration?) and increases it's Atk and Def by 126%. [Cooldown: 23.6 sec]

Frozen Enchanted (Passive 1)
Increases Weapon attack and Armor Defense by 20% for Self.

Location of Death (Passive 2)
Reduces Enemies' Normal Attack by 40%.