• Efflictim

    The Official patch notes can be found, HERE

    New Content: Odyssey Missions

    Even with our best efforts, we could not continue holding off the Erebos Invasions and so disasters are happening all over the world! We must join forces and help stop these attacks.

    Upon entering the Odyssey Mission main screen, you will see a list of Today's available missions.

    • Up to 5 Odyssey Missions are granted each day (Handed out at 00:20 Reset KST)
    • Missions that were in progress before reset will not be stopped/reset until they are completed.

    Each '*' represents a classification based on either: Mission Time, Difficulty, or Win Condition(s).

    • 1-Star Missions require 6 hours to complete.
    • 2-Star Missions require 9 hours to complete.
    • 3-Star Missions require 24 hours to c…

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  • Efflictim

    The patch preview can be found, HERE

    The Official patch notes can be found, HERE

    Candy Bar Event

    • Event will be held from 11/8 until 11/15
    • Candy Bar boxes will drop from Challenger Dungeon
    • Every day you will be given 3x Candy Bar boxes.\

    Item Drop % Item Drop %
    50x Trans. Ess 12% 300pt Burning Capsule 8%
    100x Trans. Ess 10% 100x Shoes 18%
    1x Soul 12% 100x Tickets 18%
    2x Souls 10% 100 Million Gold 12%

    50% Bonus World Boss Rewards Event

    • Event will be held from 11/8 until 11/14
    • Earn an ADDITIONAL 50% reward from your ranking in World Boss Game Modes.

    Candy Bar Voting Event

    • Voting will be held from 11/8 until 11/10 (Sat)
    • Result will be given out 11/11 (Sun)

    Voting Choices

    • 3x5 Infinity Pulls
    • 20x Souls
    • 3k T-Ess
    • 600 Runes + 200x Fort. Potions and T-weapons

    Infinity Card …

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  • Efflictim

    The patch preview can be found, HERE

    The Official Patch Notes can be found, HERE

    10 Versus 10 Arena

    • Carried out through Pre-Season and Regular Season schedules
    • Pre-Season runs Oct 31 to Nov 4th
    • Regular Season runs Nov 5th to Dec 2nd.
    • Pre-Season doesn't do rewards on ranking, just participation (1500 rubies)

    The Waiting Room is similar to that of regular Arena, except you get to pick 1x Main Character + 9 Allies. Make sure you click the big red button in the middle (just like Arena), to Register your team for the (Pre)Season. Once registered you will be presented with a Ranking List of opponents you can challenge FOR THE DAY. These lists are updated/changed during each daily reset (Mon-Sat). At Reset on Sunday Night final ranking is determined…

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  • Efflictim

    The Patch Preview can be found, HERE

    The Official patch notes can be found, HERE

    Corruption Another name for 'Amphorus Diacas(?)', which was sealed for the 6th time among the ancient Ch'angchu that ruled the entire Universe, is the "Dark Seeker".

    With a desire to corrupt all life in the galaxy, Aphorus Diacas explored the darkness of humanity and realized that it was "emotion" as the source of their fall.

    But before realizing all Seven Deadly Sins of humans and corrupting all life, Amphorus failed to realize his own sin before being defeated and sealed by the Original Heroes.

    His seven sins, divided into Jealousy, Sloth, Pride, Anger, Greed, Gluttony, and Lust, fell into Hell, and the apostles of the seven sins who are the successor of their lo…

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  • Efflictim

    The Official patch notes can be found, HERE

    Erebos Invasion Wave 2 On Friday, October 19th, the 2nd Wave of Erebos Invasion will happen.

    Challenger Dungeon Drop Rate Buffed

    • The Drop Rate of Gold is Doubled
    • The Drop Rate of Trans. Essence is Doubled
    • The Drop Rate of B-Allies has been more than Doubled.

    Daily Dungeon Buffs

    • Monday Daily Dungeon increased to: 20 SS Allies (Normal) or 9 SSS Allies (Myth)
    • Thursday Daily Dungeon increased to: 60 T-Ess (Normal) or 180 T-Ess (Myth)

    Daily Dungeon Ruby Reduction Event

    • From 10/18 until 10/24 (KST) there is a 50% discount in the ruby cost for Daily Dungeon entrances.

    Roulette Event From 10/18 until 10/24 (KST) the Roulette Event will be active.

    • 2 Spins for doing 1x Midas
    • 2 Spins for doing 1x Arena
    • 1 Spin for Logging…
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  • Efflictim

    The Official patch notes can be found, HERE

    Midas Raid Re-Opens!

    • Same drops as before
    • Additional Event Drop, 'Adventurer's Book'
    • Collect 9 pieces of each volume(3) of the 'Adventurer's Book' and receive a "Sage's Ring".

    Item Drop Chance Item Drop Chance
    10x Trans. Essence 20% 30x Shoes 22%
    40x Trans. Essence 6% 30x Tickets 22%
    1x SS Ally 10% 100x Midas Coins 3%
    3x SSS Ally 9% 10x Rune Fragments 6%
    1x Adv. Book Volume Frag. 2%

    Ring Stats:

    • Gold Gain +565%
    • Ally Acquisition +46%
    • CD Exp. Increase +220%
    • Max Equip Stat +88%

    2-Set Bonus

    • Max Weapon Dmg +73,000
    • Crit Rate +745
    • Crit Dmg +2350

    3-Set Bonus

    • EVA +645
    • Boss Additional Dmg +53%
    • Attack Speed +110
    • Defense Penetration +1400

    Erchen's Training Room

    • Can practice against World Bosses
    • Doesn't use tickets (?)

    Two Week Special …

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  • Efflictim

    The original patch notes can be found, HERE

    Ally Rebalance 1.0 Many Allies (Trans, OL, Majesty) were either Overperforming, Underperforming, or not performing at all. This "Rebalance" is aimed at shortening the gaps between allies. This isn't the final tuning for allies, but probably the biggest one. They'll continue to monitor data and performances and adjust when needed.

    • Since the entire Infinity Skill system is still being worked on and translated by the Wikia, we will most likely not be posting each INDIVIDUAL change here for each ally, but rather a "summarized" change.
    • To see the full spectrum of their kit please refer to either the Infinity Update Blog post OR their individual pages.

    • Brightspark
    • Deathcrown
    • Bloodwind
    • Kymael
    • Gaela
    • Hellhawk
    • Sh…

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  • Efflictim

    The Official patch notes can be found: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

    Introduction to "Infinity"

    For the hope of the two lovers, Rocke Jean Laguna and Meren, they dream of peace for Planet Gassee. The party is struggling to prevent the war between the True Divines. In the process, they experience beautiful and sad sorrow. The tragedy was the opening of the possibility of "Infinity".

    "Infinity" is not only the strength beyond all imagination, but a forgotten, and precious relationship. The limits of imagination, the great reality that goes beyond it, "Infinity", has begun.

    New Adventure: The Sleeping Dragon Kingdom

    The land where the dragon sleeps is the most magnificent and beautiful area in Kasse.

    The miraculous cities where the magic of the east a…

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  • Efflictim

    The Official post regarding this update preview can be found, HERE

    The Official Update reward page can be found, HERE

    The Official "Infinity" page can be found, HERE

    These notes aren't necessarily verbatim, but will contain all important information and discussion.

    Content and QoL

    • Over the years (KR version has been live for 4yrs and 7months!), content has been added to fill in "compensation" gaps, rather than be quality content (i.e. Tag, Nightmare, Adventure Shelter, etc). While these game modes did have an era of fun, they ultimately became boring and cumbersome to most of the player base, which is why they were removed. With the introduction of Chapter 6, they wanted to get rid of boring/cumbersome game modes and focus on a few quality ga…

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  • Drkdragonz66

    The Official patch notes can be found, HERE

    Roulette Event The Roulette is back and better than ever with buffed rewards! The rarest tiles are now 5 Souls and 500 T. Ess, while the others are items like 100/200 T. Ess, Gold, 2 Souls, and 1 BP Potion.

    Get chances to spin by (once a day)

    • Do 5 Challenger Dungeons - 2 spins
    • Do 1 Raid - 2 spins
    • Do 1 Arena Match - 1 spin

    On 9/6, do 1 Raid instead of 1 Daily Dungeon

    Tower of Validation Announcements Because a Major Reorganization of the Tower of Validation is expected to happen sometime in September, ToV will either close temporarily or be upgraded and reset. The date of its change will be announced later on in September. Either way because of this, enemies will have their health reduced by 50% AFTER th…

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