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The buff bar above a units HP bar.

Buffs are positive status effects that can be obtained during battle in various game modes or from certain Allies or Characters. They are usually restricted by their duration and can be removed by certain enemy abilities.

Buffs are indicated with small Icons in your Buff Bar which can be found right above your Character/Ally's Hit Points (HP) Bar.

Debuffs are the opposite of Buffs and give negative status effects in return. Debuffing can also be the term for removing certain Buffs from the enemy.

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It is important to note that this article will only focus on Buffs and Debuffs, and they are defined by status effects gained, granted or afflicted in/during the battle or upon its start. Any other bonuses do not fall into the category of Buffs and Debuffs. Such things may be increase in base ATK or additonal Arcane damage, granted by Skill cards or Formation's individual slot bonuses. The Bonuses gained and granted to the party upon the start of the battle (the formation bonus that is the same for each party member) do fall into the category of Buffs.


Buffs can also be gained from various sources such as a Battlefield (example: Labyrinth), Active Abilities, Passive Abilities, normal attack effects & Formations. (Skill card given bonuses are not treated as Buffs and therefore cannot be debuffed or removed. They simply increase the raw stats.)

Normal attack effects are not always treated as buffs and thus must not show up as buffs in the buff bar.

Buffs will be listed in set categories. 

Note that more buffs will be added shortly.

Main Attributes[]

Icon Name Effect Visuals
Buff sta up Increase STA Increases the Stamina stat. N/A
Buff str Increase STR Increases the Strenght stat. Flexed arm above ally's head.
Buff dex Increase DEX Increases the Dexterty stat. N/A
Buff int Increase INT Increases the Intelligence stat. Book above ally's head.

Base Offensive[]

Icon Name Effect Visuals
Buff base atk Increase Attack Increases total Attack stat. Thin sword pointed to upper left.
Buff critical rate up Increase Critical Rate Increases Critical Rate. Critical damage shows up as yellow damage numbers.
Buff double crit chance Increase Critical damage Increases the Critical damage. Two X-crossed, blue arrows above affected unit's head.
Buff def pen up Increase DEF PEN Increases Defense Penetration stat. Shield with a piercing sword above ally's head.
Buff atk spd Increase ATK SPD Increases Attack Speed stat. Two blue crossed swords &/or Wind animation around ally.
Buff acc2 Increase Accuracy (I) Increases the Accuracy stat. Target with arrow.
Buff acc Increase Accuracy (II) Increases the Accuracy stat. Target with arrow.
Buff magnify Magnify! (AOE) Usually increases size and grants ATK and ATK SPD boost. See the Priest Character's 2nd active. The boost can contain other effects and is not exclusive to the Priest. Usually increases size of affected ally and taints it reddish.
Buff magni solo Magnify! (SG) Single Target version of Magnify! Not exclusive to the Priest Chacarter. Usually increases size of affected ally and taints it reddish.
Buff pally rage Judgment Oath Increases passive ATK aura. Seen on Paladin. (exclusive) White & orange wind animation around the Paladin.
Buff enegery "Revenge" Increases ACC and ATK per stack. Seen on Ouranos. (exclusive) none

Special Attack modifier[]

Icon Name Effect Visuals
Buff purple damage Piercing damage / Additional damage / "Purple Damage" Grants defense ignoring piercing damage on top of each normal attack. (Read more) Results in purple damage numbers.
Buff lifesteal Life Steal Recovers Hit Points equal to the damage dealt to enemies. Red bat.
Buff poisen Defense Penetration / Arcane damage Increases or grants DEF PEN. / Increases or grants arcane damage for normal attacks none / Dark Purple sword pointing to up right.
Buff ice dmg Ice/Cold damage Increases or grants ice/cold damage for normal attacks. Sword covered in ice shards pointing to up right.
Buff fire dmg Fire damage Increases or grants fire damage for normal attacks. none
Buff + on crit dmg Spell damage multiplier/Normal attack multiplier Increases the damage from a certain skill/of normal attacks in advance. none
Buff dance of death Dance of Death Attacks randomly with increased Attack and speed. Increases damage with succesive strikes. (Exclusive) Reddish whirlewind upon start and upon each hit.
Destruction Dungeon End Boss Rage Rage Mode II / "Buster Forge" Increases ATK and ATK Speed. Seen on Destruction Dungeon Bosses and Iota. Not exclusive. none
Buff rogue buster Prominence Flair All attacks become Critical Hits and increases ATK SPD and DEF Pen. Also detects vanished enemies. Seen on Stigma. (exclusive) none
Buff stun Stun Chance Gives a chance to stun upon normal attacks. Golden, clenched, dazzling fist above affected unit's head.

Base Defensive[]

Icon Name Effect Visuals
Buff def up Increase DEF Increases the Defense Rate. Yellow Shield/s.
Buff imunity Full Immunity Grants full Immunity against all crowd controls. Yellow/Gold barrier around effected ally.
Buff eva up Increase EVA Increases Evasion Rate.

Special Defense modifier[]

Icon Name Effect Visuals
Buff paladin shield Paladin Shield Gives temporarly bonus HP in form of a damage absorbing Shield. (Read more) Glowing borders around allies & blue HP bar.
Buff invurnablity Invurnability Prevents any incoming damage, debuffs or similar. Light blue barrier around affected unit.
Buff reflect damage Reflect Places damage reflecting shield on ally, which deals damage back to the attacker. / Can later also refer to reflection in form of a stun. (Read more) Purple/Pink shield whenever ally is hit. &/or Shield with Purple/Pink Sound waves above ally's head.
Buff crit dmg down Decrease damage received Reduces the incoming damage before applying DEF rate. none
Buff constant heal Heal over Time Recovers Hit Points over a set duration with each second. Continues stream of light around affected unit.
Buff vanish Vanish Invisibility that makes one untargetable by any Single target skill or attack. Affected unit gets see-through.
Buff rage warrior Rage Increases the Rage-gain for resource bars. Red aura around the caster.
Buff pally rage Protection Oath Increases passive DEF aura. Seen on Paladin. (exclusive). White & orange wind animation around the Paladin.


Debuffs may be inflicted by various sources such as Battle Field (example: PvP Grounds), Active Abilities, Passive Abilities, normal attack effects. They can be cured from allies or characters through certain skills. Upon doing so they remove the debuff and its effect. The cure cannot revert damage already done by damaging debuffs, but they will lift any negative control effects, and stat decreases.

Debuffing the enemy can also mean to remove one or all of his current active buffs. They will end the effect immediatly upon landing.

Debuffs will be listed in set categories. 

View tables with 'Expand'. Note that more debuffs will be added shortly.

Stat influence[]

Icon Name Effect Visuals
Debuff atk Decrease ATK / Attack-type stat decrease Decreases the total Attack stat. / (Can also indicate any attack type stat decreases. Read more.) Broken red sword, poining to down right, above ally's head.
Debuff def Decrease DEF Decreases the total Defense Rate stat. Broken Shield above ally's head.
Debuff atk spd Decrease ATK SPD Decreases attack speed stat. none
Debuff eva Decrease EVA Decreases the evasion stat. none
Decrease ACC Decreases the accuracity stat. Red target with arrow above affected unit's head.
Debuff green skull
Poison/Elimination Seal
Decrease Arcane Resist Decreases the arcane resistance.
Decrease Life Steal Decreases the amount gained by Life steal. none

Action influence[]

Icon Name Effect Visuals
Debuff def down counter Buff Prohibiton Prohibits any incoming buffs. Crossed out blue wizards above affected units.
Debuff sheep Seal Seals or transforms affected unit. Commonly seen as Sheep transformations. Unit transforms into small size Sheep, Fox or Book
Debuff seal Blind / Seal Prevents any actions and interactions with the affected unit. (Read more) Affected unit is covered in a big Ice shard or similar.
Debuff stun Stun Prevents any actions of affected unit. Halo of Stars &/or stunned yellow chick.
Debuff taunt Taunt /


Directs all attacks to the caster of this spell /

Shows interaction between enemy and ally

! above effected units head and red aura around the caster.
Debuff silence Silence Prevents any skill usage for affected unit. Crossed out book on the body of affected units.
Debuff heal Decrease Heal Decreases the amount of HP the unit can recover for itself. none
Debuff heart "God's Wrath" Disables revival for affected unit. Seen on Drunken Falcon. (exclusive) none


Icon Name Effect Visuals
Debuff reflect damage Self Inflict Refelcts damage back to attacker. Placed on attacker not on ally. Results in red damage numbers.
Debuff dbs Emblem of Demise Increases the damage dealt by Draco Brightspark's Skills by 40%. (Exclusive) none
Debuff fire seal Fire Seal Increases the damage dealt by the Mage Character's spells. (Exclusive) none
Debuff fire dot Continues Fire damage Inflicts continuous fire damage. none
Debuff bleed Bleed / Heal Prevention Indicates every other damage over time effect beside Poison and Fire damage. / Prohibits HP recovery for the affected unit. none
Debuff dot Poison Poisons the affected ally, inflicting continuous damage. Green dust.
Debuff green skull "The Absolute Future" Instantly kills affected unit after a certain time. Seen on Shadow Howl (Exclusive) none
Debuff aim bleed Bleeding II Bleeding stacks. Deal damage over time and are described as fixed damage. none

Potrait Effect

The following image shows a full table of effects/buffs/debuffs that are indicated through the potraits.


Additional De- & Buffs available in the Korean version

Note: The following buffs' effects are only determined by observation and may contain errors.

Icon Name Effect Visuals Seen for
Buff heal increase Increased Heal Power Increases the HP that affected unit will recover to allies and self. none Priest Dark Soul
Debuff scythe Disables any death passives. Comes together with the emblem which indicates Focus Fire. Archer Dark Soul

Special Buff/Debuff Explanation

Holy Knight's Shield

Pally shield show off

Blue HP bars in the Arena.

The Holy Knight's Shield is one of the Paladin's unique features. This shield is commonly called the Paladin Shield. It grants a temporary damage absorbing shield that functions as a additional pool of HP. The shield will replace the green HP bar with a blue HP bar that remain until its broken or decayed.

If the holder is healed during the Shield time his actual HP will be healed that is hidden behind his Shield HP. The Shield cannot recover from any source of heal. However, it can be renewed and strengthened when another Paladin Shield is cast upon the target (by a helper friend or Paladin Ally with such a skill).

The shield is not affected by any Defensive stats like DEF rate or STR. Its just a naked pool of HP, thus easily broken by enemies. Their DEF penetration does not seem to make a difference at all.

Most Paladin Shields are based of the ATK stat of the caster. The ATK value (from minimum to maximum) will be calculated for each individual target on their own. This leads to different shield values on each cast for each affected unit.

It is worth to note that these shields will not increase their duration when stacked on top of another.



Blind in form of its crystal apperance.

Seen for Lilith the Succubus. The Debuff's name is misleading since the enemy target won't be blinded in terms of missing all his attacks. It is likely to be a typo of the word "bind." The skill actually seals or binds the target, and prevents any actions and interactions, for and with that affected unit. The target will not be able to cast spells or use normal attacks, but will also not receive incoming damage during the effect's duration. Buffs, debuffs, and heals will also show no effect. Area of Effect skills are no exception.

Any damage over time effects (DOT) that infects the target before "Blind" will be able to keep damaging the enemy.

The affected unit's Cooldowns will continue to cool down during the seal. The duration of already afflicted buffs or debuffs will also wear off during the seal.

The seal is also capable of suppressing Boss-type units.

Piercing damage

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Reflect Shield

Refeclt dmg

Active Shields have a pink visual appearance.

The Reflect Shields reflect a portion of the incoming damage back to the attack and effectively reduces the received damage in the process.

(According to u/Chaos4Ever on Reddit):

  1. Reflect damage reduces the damage you take by an amount less than the percent of damage reflected.
  2. For DoT attacks, it reflects only 1 or 2 ticks at most.
  3. Reflected damage cannot be reflected back.
  4. Reflect damage can crit. Critical damage is derived from the damage dealer while the chance to crit is based on the damage receiver's crit chance.
  5. Evaded attacks reflect damage.
  6. Invulnerable targets do not reflect damage.

The same Buff Icon will also appear for Storm Bear the Iron Wall which then indicates not a damage reflecting shield but a Berserker's Promise shield which has similar properties.