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Kr patch bruning gauge

Info page of the Burning Gauge in-game.

With Burning Gauge (버닝 게이지, beoning geiji) players can boost their farming efficiency for a short amount of time.
It was introduced in Korea's Arch Patch.

The burning gauge is a meter at the bottom of the screen, where the XP bar used to be. It can be seen in the right image (orange/yellow). Its maximum capacity is 3000 points.

It fills automatically over the course of the day, even when the player is not logged in. 720 points are earned after 24 hours, ergo 0.5 points per minute.

When points are available, farming dungeons will wield various boni:

  • Gold acquisition increased by 1800%
  • Ally acquisition increased by 1800% for S, A and B grades
  • Item Drop Rate increased by 1800% for SS or higher items
  • Calydon points earned increases to 8 per run
  • Eligos points earned increases to 4 per run

The box which appears upon an active burning gauge (see image) also indicates the remaining burning points in the first line (X/3000).

An active burning gauge consumes 4 burning points per dungeon run. The shoe consumption also increases to 4 shoes per run.
Its activation is confirmed through the buff bar (see image).
The Burning Guage is automatically activated and cannot be turned off by the player.

Once the burning gauge is empty, the farming efficiency will drop to 1/3rd of the rate prior to this patch.[1]

Removal of Buff TimesSwordright

Buff Times have been adjusted for the sake of the Burning Gauge.
The time now starts at 12 am KST instead of 11 am and drop rate buffs and similar have been removed from the roster.
Instead of drop buffs, there are now buffs that directly support the use of the burning gauge by either extending it or making its use free.

Kr patch buffs kr burning gauge


A Capsule can be purchased (once per day) in the smart shop in the item section. It artificially fills and restores the burning gauge and functions as a support. It maximum capacity is 300 burning points and it instantly restores those points upon use.

Capsules are also handed out and throught GM or other Events.

Kr patch gauge capsule

Change to Acquisition AccessorySwordright

With the Burning Gauge's introduction, the Accessories which increase Gold and Ally Acquisition will also be upgraded automatically.

Piece Gold Ally
  Before After Before After
Monkey Brooch 84% 252% 10% 30%
Golden Knight Brooch 88% 264% 12% 36%
Adventure's Ring 64% 192%    


  1. Mentioned by the Devs in their pre-patch notes, link