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Before the Seven Solarians of the Galactic Special Forces were established to battle the vestiges of the Seven Emperors, there existed a group of heroes who fought to protect Hayden's peace. These brave souls came to be known as "Hayden's Wings" (하이든의 날개, haideunenalgae). Within the tyrannical rule of the ancient Seven Emperors the Galactic Knight "Hayden" fired the first shot of rebellion. Since then, together with "Hayden's Wings", Hayden has protected the galaxy for many millennia, leaving behind countless legacies in the process.

They are part of the Overlord Grade system, introduced in the Second Impact patch.

List of Overlord Units by race
Overlord Ban Icon.png
Seven Solarians
Overlord Kaihen Icon.png
Hayden's Wings
Overlord Claye Ethel Icon.png
Ishtar's Armada
Overlord Isilien Icon.png
Aria De Kassis
Overlord Inhaeri Icon.png
Four Mights

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