The Five Legendary Warriors - The Quinque Draco
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Prelude of a Legend

A century ago, a ball of enmity that could cause the end of the world rose from the deep within the earth. The Quinque Draco stood before it to protect the world from its rampage.

The ball of enmity called Ragnarok was sealed, but in the process, the Quinque Dracos lost most of their power and gradually faded from memory.

The War (Lore)

In the beginning, an angel was brought down from the heavens to pass judgement on the mortal world. Her noble task was clear. Despite her faith, a seed of doubt sprouted from her heart. "Why? Why must I destroy all life?" In order to maintain perfection, she cast that seed out of her body. From that seed, the first of the Quinque Draco, Brightspark was born.

Brightspark saw what the angel Kymael set out to do and quickly grew to oppose her. Gathering mighty warriors that would henceforth be known as the Quinque Draco.

Undeterred, Kymael summoned her fellow Archangels, and battled for their divine cause, calling themselves the Septem Archangeli.Each of the Quinque Draco had a rival Angel.

For millennia, the Quinque Draco and Septem Archangeli were in constant war. Each side desperate to end it once and for all. It was then that Brightspark gave something to Kymael. Something that made her go on a rampage, absorbing the other angels in an attempt to finally win the war. What Brightspark gave her was actually the Crown of Death.

'When an angels absorbs another angel, Ragnarok is born'.
With the power of all seven angels in one being, the war was nearly coming to an end. This being was so powerful that even the Quinque Draco could not defeat it on their own. So having seen the turn of events, Brightspark devised a plan that would defeat Ragnarok.

She scoured the land, trying to find the most suitable place to enact her plan. It lead her to the sacred temple of the elves saying "this is the best place to lure and seal Ragnarok". Accompanying her was her dear friend Blackaria, who considered it as a beautiful and holy place, telling Brightspark they have no right of turning it into a battlefield. She feared that the land would be torn apart or thrown into another dimension. Brightspark insisted, praising the elves as the strongest and wisest race capable of forming a great seal with powerful magic, concluding it is the only way. She instructed Blackaria to call on Greysoul. They needed to speak with Bloodwind as well, saying they need Princess Windlune's help. 

Meanwhile, Greysoul had just accepted his 20th Challenge from the Orc Warrior,Ackard and was soon declared the victor once more. Although Ackard lost, Greysoul did consider his power, naming him the greatest warrior he has seen among mortals. It was then that Blackaria arrived, telling Greysoul that Brightspark has made up her mind by trying to convince Windlune. Greysoul seemed intrigued by this, saying it is a suitable decision for Hell's Angel. As he perceived what is to come, he asked a favor of Ackard. "My old friend, I hate to ask this but if anything happens to me, please look after Blackaria", to which Ackard humbly agreed.He then asked Blackaria to look after the world. "No matter what happens, you will surely survive as the master of the Celestial Flute".

Bloodwind managed to convince Windlune to support their mission, telling her that they will defeat Ragnarok and be together forever. With this, the plan was set. They set off and started to battle Ragnarok, luring him closer and closer to Mount Taurit. "Ragnarok will pass through, in order to go to Mount Taurit. We must evacuate everyone" warned Bloodwind. Windlune protested, saying that they cannot let the sacred city be destroyed. She then lead the wizards to the mountain while Bloodwind did his best to protect his city and his people. As the battle raged on, Blackaria started to doubt the chance at success. "I know all too well why you're obsessed with Ragnarok, but will things really go as you plan, Brightspark? Currently, Ragnarok is different from what the propechy predicted. Something is off."

"Ragnarok is definitely not as strong as before. But so many are locked up inside of him, sacrifices are inevitable. This will save the living and the dead of this world. I will seal him, Blackaria. We will be Victorious".

Brightspark sent Draco Deathcrown to keep Ragnarok busy while they set up the seal at Mount Taurit. "The dimensions are weakening. Keep Ragnarok here, you can do it if you use Death Head. When the barrier is ready, lure him to Mount Taurit. Ragnarok is not to be underestimated. You mustn't kill him, there must always be a balance of power." Near the top of the Mountain, Greysoul spoke to Brightspark. "You will lose your other half, ha, aren't you a little bit sad?" Brightspark replied, "My other half? That is in the past. The world no longer needs the Quinque Draco. It's time we upset this balance and give the world to the mortals. A lot is riding on you, Greysoul. We wiil focus all our power on the Soul Sword. Complete the seal".

"We'll lose our horns and most of our power. You don't care?" 

"Not a bit. I'm putting my everything on the line."

"We might cause a tear in the Dimension and get sucked in. What do you plan to do about the shock that will clearly cause a rip in the dimension? A huge amount of dark energy could come pouring in. It could taint... Everything."

"Doesn't matter. I'll stop it. We cannot turn back now, even if what we're doing is wrong." said Brightspark. Greysoul laughed and claimed it was so typical of Brightspark. 

At the top of the mountain, the 5 Quinque Draco unleashed their full power, uniting it into the Soul Sword,, with Greysoul landing the final blow. They completed the seal with the help of the Elven Wizards, and finally defeated Ragnarok, thus ending the Millenia long War. 

The Aftermath (Lore)

The Quinque Draco lost much of their power to seal Ragnarok into another dimension. They then went into hiding or disappeared after the final showdown.

After the War with Ragnarok, Bloodwind and Brightspark are on bad terms due to the loss of Princess Aura Windlune during Ragnarok's sealing. Windlune was Bloodwind's true love.

Greysoul was sealed alongside Ragnarok when he used the Soul Sword to deliver the last blow. He would eventually be released when Ragnarok awakens and tries to consume the then thought to be deceased Windlune. 

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