The Destructive Seven - The Septem Archangeli

Reawakening of Ragnarok (Lore)

For a time, there was peace in the land. Stories passed down over the years became nothing more than legends, and the godly beings that were at war were slowly forgotten.

Ragnarok, the being brought forth by the fusion of all 7 Septem Archangeli, was sealed by the Quinque Draco for an unknown span of time. It was only during the war between Deathcrown and the Titan's Descendant King Gram that hints of his reawakening had surfaced.

Through unknown means, Ragnarok bestowed his spear of destruction Cassius Longinus to the Lamia Tribe before he was sealed. It was a terribly powerful weapon, with the means to overcome the wielder's will with Ragnarok's own. As a deterrent to Deathcrown's claim of being the absolute ruler, King Gram stole this relic from the Lamia Queen and used it to challenge the King of the Living and the Dead.  Over time, his rage consumed him and he fell to Ragnarok's Influence. 

It was when Gram and Deathcrown battled for the last time that Ragnarok revealed his impending return. Due to Deathcrown's weakened state from the previous war, Ragnarok was able to take Deathcrown into Gram's body where they fought for control over Deathcrown's body. Ragnarok had known that Gram's body was at its limit and needed a more suitable host for his revival. It wasn't until Brightspark and Boden's descendant intervened that Deathcrown was able to escape and finally defeat Gram. Although victorious, the toll on his body was too much. He lost his immortality and faded away, passing on his crown to Brightspark, asking her to give it to Heaven's Grim Reaper. 

News spread of Ragnarok's return, and soon his followers began to move. Nearly in disbelief, Brightspark investigated on this and discovered that the revival of the brains behind the Septem Archangeli was close at hand.   Further investigation at the Leaning Tower of Sages lead them to the Chief of the Iron Wolf tribe, Calgar who said "My master is recovering her strength. After I destroy you, my master will destroy all mortal life. You have been deceived. The Origin story for Ragnarok is a lie. You can ask Brightspark when you see her in hell!". Calgar was defeated when Brightspark fully regained her powers. She could feel Ragnarok's presence getting stronger and headed to the Crystal Palace to speak with the other Quinque Draco. 

She spoke to Bloodwind about her speculations, only to have her words labeled as paltry. Bloodwind could not forgive Brightspark for what happened to Aura Windlune during the war. So many of his kind died, his kingdom in shambles and his only love taken away from him. After the previous war, demons crossed over when the shock from Ragnarok's sealing ripped the dimensions and poured forth massive amounts of dark energy. This energy also affected the elves guarding the seal, tainting them with the darkness. "Bloodwind! I am truly sorry for what happened, but now is not the time for grudges. We must join forces. It was an unforseen accident. Besides, we should be grateful that the casualties weren't worse". These words struck Bloodwind the hardest, and drove him over the edge. "You! How Dare You! You'll pay with your life! I will finally be able to avenge Windlune!" and with that, the fully powered Dracos dueled. In the midst of their battle, Brightspark pleaded him to stop. "Izarc has appeared! And Ravengale. That's why I need your help!" 

"I'll take care of Ravengale myself." said Bloodwind. Suddenly, a bullet sped past him and hit Brightspark, ending their duel. He shot arrows to the direction where the bullet came from but to no avail. "First Ravengale, now Llywelyn? This is getting interesting. I'll have to postpone crushing you until later, Brightspark." They soon discovered that Ravengale, along with Llywelyn had been released from Ragnarok's seal by the leader of the demons, Dmitri. In exchange for their freedom, Dmitri asked that Ragnarok's Seal be undone and that the Angels protect their people. Dmitri was then used as a pawn by Ravengale to lure Brightspark out in the open. Ravengale wanted to find out the real reason behind Ragnarok's creation and said "Is asking brightspark our only option?".

After a brief melee with Dmitri in the Infernal Fortress Gateway, Brightspark revealed herself and was suddenly ambushed by Izarc, Ravengale's Immortal Protector. It turns out Ravengale had taken control of Dmitri's body, blaming Brightspark for being thrown into hell because of what had happened in the previous war. "I see you still like to hide behind others, Ravengale", retorted Brightspark. Suddenly, Dmitri was struck by an unknown assailant. "Izarc, you're next" said Bloodwind as he came out of the shadows. Finally, Ravengale revealed herself. "You haven't changed, Bloodwind. Shall we call it a day?" and then retreated. Their next confontation was at the Infernal Fortress Entrance, where Ravengale along with Izarc fought Ackard and Blackaria. "It's been a while" said Blackaria. "Well, if it isn't Blackaria herself, oh what a bother. Good bye" said Ravengale as a bullet sped past and nearly hit her if it wasn't for Ackard deflecting the shot. "Oh dear, destroy her!" she repeated as shot after shot was fired. Ackard shielded Blackaria, but was gravely injured in the process, and died.

"Oh dear, I killed the lovesick Orc instead, My bad." said Llywelyn as she came running to Ravengale's side. Blackaria cried out, "Llywelyn! I won't forgive you!" "Ohh, I'm shaking in my heels! I'll send you to him soon. Now's our chance since Greysoul isn't here-" said Llywelyn as she was nearly struck by an arrow. "You dare to fire into my quarters? Face the consequences now." said Bloodwind. Llywelyn readied her gun. "It looks like the numbers have evened, shall we have a go?" and with that, the battle began. After an exchange of blows, Ravengale ordered a retread.  "There is nothing to gain from this fight. See you next time".


The Septem Archangeli's designs and names were inspired as a whole from some of the seven Archangels: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Raguel, Jophiel and Camael. The first two syllables of each archangel name is taken and reversed with the "el" added in last for effect.

  • Michael: From mi-ka (korean) to ka-mi
    • 카미엘 Kami-El is Kymael's translated Korean name
    • Kymael is the leader of the Septem Archangeli while Michael is the most powerful of the archangels and also reigns as "Prince."
  • Gabriel: From ga-beu-li (korean) to li-beu-ga
    • 리브가엘 Rebekah-El is Ravengale's translated Korean name
  • Raphael: From la-pa (korean) to pa-la
    • 파라엘 Fara-El is Farrah's Korean name
    • In some religious texts, Raphael is known as the "Protector of the Eden Tree."
  • Uriel: From u-li (korean) to li-u
    • 리우엘 Rio-El is Llywelyn's translated korean name
    • Furthermore, Uriel's saint symbolism are all fire-related which relate to Llywelyn being known as the Angel of Fire.
  • Raguel: From la-geu (korean) to geu-la
    • 그라엘 Gra-El is Gaela's translated Korean name
  • Jophiel: From yo-pi (korean) to pi-yo
    • 피요엘 Piyoel is Fryderyk's Korean name.
  • Camael/Chamuel (debatable): From ka-ma (korean) to ma-ka
    • 마카엘 Maka-El is Mikaela's translated Korean name.

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