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Transcended Titans (초월 타이탄, chowol taitan) are part of the Transcended, which were first introduced in Chapter 4 on 8th Aug 2016.
They are created through the Transcended System.

Release Order:

Confirmed Transcensions

In the Pre-registration event page for Chapter 5, Flint has teased and therefore confirmed the Transcended forms of the Titans.
All existing Titans will receive a transcension.

In a pre-release guide, they further announced that with the first patch of Chapter 5, Transcended Titans are to be released, while confirming 12 total Transcensions for this race. The first wave being Atlas and Tethys.[1]

The Transcended Titans are confirmed to require their Gigantes counterpart, which make up the first 6 Titans.

The 6 others are to be announced and released after all currently Titans have been transcended.[2] As they match the Classes, an Incanter Titans is unlikely to be released among the new set, although the possibility exists that another class will have to be left out in return.


  1. 처음 등장하는 초월 아틀라스와 초월 테티스를 시작으로.
    12명의 초월 타이탄이 차례로 선을 보일 예정입니다.
  2. 이후 추가되는 6명의 초월 타이탄은 새롭게 등장하는 타이탄 6명과

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