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I am a monster born in the hell of the burning fire! My strength is infinite! [1]

The Cerberus (켈베로스, kelberoseu) World Boss was introduced to the game in Korean's 15 December, 2016 Patch and is avaible every Wednesday, after Flint has rescheduled the entire weekly plan in Korean's 24 November, 2016 Patch.

No attempts are allowed after 12 AM.


Despite having three heads, they will act as one individual entity and therefore take damage as one unit.
In the lore text of Cerberus' patch, it was mentioned that all three heads have their own personality [2], so it was assumed that they would act as separate entities. That proved to be wrong, as each head will simply be in charge of a skill animation.

The boss owns a secondary resource bar underneath the attendance timer. That resource bar fills as Buffs from the party are absorbed by the boss (See #Boss_Skills). The more buffs are absorbed, the faster the gauge fills. The exact conversation rate with which the bar fills and its numeral maximum capacity, if such exists, was not revealed by Flint.

Cerberus features a multitude of exclusive bonuses that make him distinctive from the other World Bosses. A full explanation may be given in the skill section.

  • Cerberus cannot be affected by debuffs
    No Magic Effects nor debuffs from skills will take effect
  • Cerberus has extremely high resistance to Magical-Icon Magic based attacks.
  • Cerberus absorbs all Buffs from the party
    All single unit and party buffs, auras and passives will be absorbed. This will remove the buffs and fill the boss' gauge
    (Resource bars of allied units are not affected)
  • Cerberus can cast normal attack prevention, silence and cooldown recovery prevention

Rage ModeSwordright

Cerberus's rage mode is more similar to Lava Golem, and is the opposite of Shariet's very special instance of constant buffs.
Cerberus achieves Rage Mode not through set intervals, but once his resource bar is filled to its maximum capacity. When that happens, the Boss will stop the battle for a brief moment, exploding to inflict Area of Effect damage and stun the party in progress (See #Boss Skills).

There are two sets of skills and normal attacks; one for before Rage Mode was initiated and one after.
Cerberus will also grow in size upon raging.


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Boss SkillsSwordright

Descriptions are loosely based on in-game descriptions (descriptions during the battle); altered to easier understand and more coherent skills
Skill Name Effect Frequency
Normal Attack
(Pre-Rage Mode)
[AOE/Magical-Icon Magical/Ranged] Fire breath GoldstarGoldstarGoldstarGoldstarGoldstar
Normal Attack
(Post-Rage Mode)
[AOE/Magical-Icon Magical/Ranged] Explosive fire ball GoldstarGoldstarGoldstarGoldstarGoldstar
Pain of Hell
(지옥의 고통)
Absorbs damage and buffs from the enemies. Fills gauge GoldstarGoldstarGoldstarGoldstarGoldstar
Ruin of Hell
(지옥의 파멸)
Inflicts damage to all enemies, absorbs and eliminates buffs on the enemies. Prevents buffs to be applied for ~5-10 sec. GoldstarGoldstarGoldstarGoldstarGoldstar
Great Ruin
Inflicts continuous damage.
Maximum of 3 debuffs per unit.
(After Rage Mode only)
Sulfur Hell Fire
Shortly seals normal attack and decreases enemies' Cooldown recovery afterwards.
(After Rage Mode only)
Soul Destruction
(영혼 파괴)
Inflicts powerful Magical-Icon magic damage to enemies, stuns them (100% certainty) and gains permanent increased ATK for self. Empties gauge.
(Used upon full gauge only)


The video, from wiki's youtube partner, might help to visualize the concept.


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