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Kr patch character log in inn

Character log in screen in Chapter 5.

Character Classes[]

Upon starting the game, players are given 3 free slots to create Playable Characters whose actions are controllable. In the story, they are referred to as Boden's Descendants. Additional character slots may be purchased for 99 Rubies.
All Allies, resources, rankings and rewards are shared among all Characters within one account. Gear/Equipment may be switched from one Character to another via the "Storage".

You may choose from five Character Classes, with a sixth, new Paladin Character that has been released on the Chapter 3 Patch, 2016. Follow the image links to their respective articles.

The final Character - Incanter - was released with the Korean Chapter 5 Patch in 2017. In addition, during that time, all Characters were unified and hard-revamped by being automatically upgraded to their respective Transcended forms, regardless of player level. Consequently, only Transcended forms are available with that.
Additionally, Key Units were no longer able to be equipped to the Transcended Characters.

The main character can undergo the "Awakened Quest" to gain access to the "Awakened Skills". The Quest is explained here.

Ally Classes[]

Allies can belong to the following categories. Follow the image links to a list of all Allies falling into said classes.