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Combining allows players to fuse two allies of the same grade into a random ally of a higher grade. Both allies will vanish in the process. This is a great method to improve your party and acquire higher grade Allies.

However, SSS grade allies cannot be combined into a Deity as there is a completely different system for that. Instead, whenever an Ally reaches the MAX enhanced state, the option to rebirth them into a random Ally of the same grade is unlocked.


Every Ally has a Rapport level which begins at 1 upon acquisition. Rapport is gained by bringing that specific Ally to dungeon battles. Rapport levels for both allies must be at the max (100) to combine.

e.g S Ally(100 Rapport +Max enhanced) + S Ally(100 Rapport +Max enhanced) = SS grade Ally (1 Rapport, +0)


With a recent update, they revamped the Rapport system, so once you have fully rapported an ally to 100, they will have the '[Master]' under their name, and will not require to be rapport again (if you have a duplicate) in the future.

How to Combine[]

1. Tap the [Allies] icon at the Inn.


2. Fully enhance two chosen allies to the +MAX enhance state that you wish to combine.

3. Tap [Combine] after selecting the first ally to be combined.


4. Tap [Combine] after selecting the second ally, of 100 Rapport and the same grade.


5. You have acquired an ally of a higher grade. The outcome is completely random.

Costs to Combine[]

Rank Cost to Combine (gold)
S 6600
SS 10800