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SSS Ally
Corrupt Spirit Helter Skelter
Corrupt Spirit Helter Skelter
Dead Orc Sorcerers communicate with spirits and study souls, while spotting danger and opportunity with their sorcery. Their deep connection between the living and dead has made them much more powerful than their living counterparts.
Role Healer
Main Magic Wand
Offhand Magic Orb
Main Attribute INT
Skill Effect Cooldown
(Active 1)
Life Metastas
The spirit of Dead Orc Sorcerer gives much needed boost to allies.

Fills 1 party member's HP equal to 673% of ATK and recovers 53% per second for 8 sec.

7.8 sec
(Active 2)
A Screeching Scream
Spirits begin to sing in harmony to the lead of Dead Orc Sorcerer.

Decreases all enemies' ATK by 45% for 16 sec.

18.7 sec
(Active 3)
Rusty Armor
Spirits can melt and destroy any hard metal.

Decreases all enemies' DEF by 39% for 13 sec.

25.5 sec
(Passive 1)
Blessing of the Undead
Dead Orc Sorcerer constantly communicates with the spirits for more power in dangerous situations.

Accelerates cooldown speed x2 for 9 sec by 15% chance when attacked. [Cooldown: 13 sec]

(Passive 2)
Increase INT
Communicating with those without any form has allowed Dead Orc Sorcerers to obtain the knowledge of the dark.

Increases your INT by 25%.