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Hero Form
Foolish incanters...
SSS Hero
Dark Elf Eirden
Dark Elf Eirden
Eirden studied invocations until her family was killed by a demon. Now she stops invocations.
Role DPS
Main Magic Wand
Offhand Magic Orb
Main Attribute INT
Skill Effect Cooldown
Normal Attack Increases Arcane damage for her normal attack.
(Active 1)
Breaking Links
Uses black magic to sever ties between companions.

Inclicts 973% damage and instantly kills if it is a familar (100% chance).

(Active 2)
Death's Outrage
A dangerous spell for those who cannot handle its magnitude.

Inflicts 351% damage on all enemies in exchange for the familar receiving 326% damage.

(Active 3)
Touch of Darkness
Embrace black magic to become as strong as you are corrupt.

Increases Arcane damage by 56% for 19 sec.

22.1 sec
(Passive 1)
Master of Black Magic
Many tinker with black magic, but not everyone is as adept as the Dark Elves.

Increases self's ATK by 30%.

(Passive 2)
Strengthening of the Soul
Sometimes corruption proves to be more use than faith.

Increases DEF by 26%.

Additional Information
  • Eirden's title as described by Silverbreeze is the Master of Sacred Mana and was considered the most powerful High Elf Mage before corruption.
  • She was also Princess Windlune's Captain of the Royal Guards.
  • Due to her strong mind and the protection of Mana, Eirden managed to cast a spell on herself before falling in darkness to awaken from corruption should she meet a warrior of incredible caliber.