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Strength? It matters not. All I know is that I'll destroy you.
The Devoted Dark Knife
Dark Knife Freyd
Dark Knife Freyd
Freyd is the greatest fighter of the Dark Elves. She became famous for challenging Supreme Commander Azur to a fight.
Role DPS
Main Dagger
Offhand Dagger
Main Attribute DEX
Skill Effect Cooldown
(Active 1)
Surt's Strike
Releases a powerful blow by gathering Surt's flames.

Inflicts 562% damage and stuns for 12 sec.

18.8 sec
(Active 2)
An attack that brings out the best of beauty to allies while delivering terror to enemies.

Inflicts 855% damage.

12.9 sec
(Active 3)
Dyne's Movement
Enables one to move as quickly as a deer.

Increases ATK Speed by 54% for 40 sec.

47.1 sec
(Passive 1)
Andrang's Blessing
Blessings from ancient gods will grace you the power to seize spur-of-the-moment opportunities.

Increases Critical Rate by 10.

(Passive 2)
Alve's Strange Energy
Absorbs the strange energy of Alve the Fairy to become observant of the most minor of details.

Increases Gold acquisition by 25%.

Additional Information
  • Surt, Dyne, Andrang, and Alves are names from Norse mythology. Surt or Surtr is the king of the fire giants and he is said to be a major figure during Ragnarok and he will engulf the world in flames afterwards. Dain or Dyne is one of the four stags that feed on the branches of Yggdrasil and is associated with one of the four winds. Andlang is one of the realms of heaven and is a resting place for the souls of the dead after Ragnarok. Alviss is a dwarf who was engaged to the daughter of Thor, but he was turned to stone when exposed to sunlight.