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Out of my way.
The Conqueror
One of the Quinque Draco, his power is enough to bring a thriving kingdom to ruins.
Role DPS
Main Longsword
Offhand Longsword
Main Attribute STR
Skill Effect Cooldown
Normal Attack Decreases ATK
(Active 1)
Shadow Blade
This sword will be remembered for protecting loved ones.

Inflicts 622% damage and stuns for 12 sec. Simultaneously inflicts 172% damage on the other enemies.

27.0 sec
(Active 2)
Swan Song
The world's most beautiful sound is deadly to enemies.

Inflicts 252% damage on all enemies.

23.7 sec.
(Active 3)
Hour of Death
Matters of life and death are beyond the reach of mortals. Only one can control them.

Increases ATK Speed by 63% for 19 sec.

31.2 sec
(Passive 1)
Controller of Time
He wouldn't trade this moment for the world. Not when he can control the moment.

Increases Critical Rate by 10.

(Passive 2)
Control of Darkness
Despite ruling the world, he prefers the comfort of darkness.

Adds additional damage 13% Arcane damage to attacks.

Additional Information
  • This version of Deathcrown came to be after the previous war ended. All of the Quinque Draco lost majority of their power so this form was taken and used while waiting for their true power to return.
  • Deathcrown has a unique sequence whenever he is defeated or killed. He fades away and leaves his sword upright where he dies. Coincidentally, he shares the same fading style with Draco Brightspark, although she leaves her broomstick.
  • Deathcrown assists the main character in fighting Hero King Gram the first time at the end of the main storyline in Normal Mode.