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Hm... You dare to enter this holy ground?

Disgaela is a fallen angel that was locked up by Kymael the Just within the Divine Fortress. Due to Draco Deathcrown's undoing, the seals were broken and the Raid Boss is on a loose.

Special Aspect

This Raid Boss is able to take control of a player for a limited amount of time.
When taken over, the remaing party will attack the overtaken player. The Player looses HP and is even able to die, and a portion of the damage gets inflicted to the Boss as well.
The control will be lifted early if the party can deal enough burst damage to the controled player.

The controled player cannot influence their skill usage, as the skills and normal attacks will be automatically controled by force.

The most front standing player may be taken under control for the most part.

After the effect's duration is over, the player will first walk back to their position in the formation before beginning action again.

SSS Set Bonus

Lv. 86 Entry Requirment

  • HP: 8.342.739
Set of the Fallen Angel
2 Set Effect: Accuracy Increase
Defense Penetration Increase
4 Set Effect: Critical Damage Increase
MAX HP Increase
6 Set Effect: Weapon ATK Increase
Attack Speed Increase

Raid Shop and Set Items