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Divine Judgment Melki
Divine Judgment Melki
The divine archers receive harsh training to protect the Divine Fortress. None of them has defeated Llywelyn the Fiery yet, but don't undererstimate their skills.
Role DPS
Main Bow
Offhand Quiver
Main Attribute DEX
Skill Effect Cooldown
(Active 1)
Poison Arrow
Arrows of Repentance only punish the evil. Inflicts 519% damage on 1 enemy and 68% continuous damage for 7 sec. 11.8 sec
(Active 2)
Rain of Arrows
Rain of arrows from the divine archers protect the castle in the sky. Inflicts 307% damage on all enemies and 136% additional damage. 17.5 sec
(Active 3)
Precise Aim
Trained by Llywelyn, the divine archers learned how to inflict serious damages with exceptional accuracy. Increases CRIT Rate by 30% for 14 sec. 28.4 sec
(Passive 1)
The divine soldiers shoot deadly arrows at exceptional accuracy and speed. Increases ATK Speed by 22%.
(Passive 2)
Pressure Point Aim
The divine archers' arrows are lethal. Increases Critical Damage by 14%.