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First Words

What is this?

Korean Hub is this wiki's central collection point for guidance through the Korean version of
Dragon Blaze (별이 되어라!, byeol-i doeeora!, lit. "Be a Star!").
For a long time the wiki has been separating the Global (GL) and Korean (KR) version of the game. Unit articles have been strictly kept exclusive for Global released units, and articles for Game Modes or Systems have never featured their Korean counterpart. Allies, which we focused on in the past, were translated and collected on so-called "Unreleased Allies" articles and is still to this day (that will also not be changed as visitors enjoy comfort with all skill translations on one page). Those decisions were made due to Gamevil's policy during that time. Community Managers and the company itself encouraged and enforced Global discussions and forums to be exclusive to that as well.
Over the time that policy has loosened up, and consequently that of the wiki as well. The wiki decided that even without that change of mind, we would cover the game in all its entirety. DB KR and DB GL were no longer two versions for us, but now treated as simple as two separate servers, just as NA and EU are to one another.
Now, the wiki is undergoing many changes to follow this new goal. Articles will in not-so-distant future, cover all mechanics and aspects of the game mode, system or feature, regardless or Global or Korea (altho the differences must and will be indicated). The wiki's layout has become much more Korean friendly as well as now the sidebar and the homepage focus a lot on offering our Korean visitors resources as well. A wiki should always inform about all aspects of a topic and eventually become the most complete encyclopedia for said project.

Ultimately, this article, this Korean hub for DB KR will guide, offer and function as a representation for that change.

How will this page work?

This article will guide visitors in multiple ways and has several goals set to prepare and guide for player through DB KR.

  • Collection page
    • The wiki already features a lot of articles and content of the game in various places. As a hub, this article will project and transclude those articles in one place to ease the research. This is solely for convenience and all articles stay originally accessible on their own article, and visitors should head and look up those individually for their comment sections and other.
  • Translation
    • Teaching Korean
      • As part of the above-explained policy, the wiki will feature the original Korean name/hangul of all content as good as it can, in order to make the visitor familiar with those. That will help the player to navigate and experience the Korean version as hangul will no longer be just foreign characters/letters.
        - For that matter hangul and their romanization will be featured as much as possible.
        - Common buttons and phrases will be kept and shown in their original state, and the translation will be kept in small letters underneath the hangul, in order to support recognition and learning of the hangul
Helping people help themselves
    • Full Translation and request
      • Although the above is important to us and we think that it is the best way to guide players through DB KR, we do not expect and do not even aim to make perfect Koreans of our visitors. Players will be encouraged to use their skills wisely and be efficient as they play daily in DB KR. Not part of that is translating or learning grammar for whole sentences, skills etc. For that matter, the wiki is in charge. Besides the obvious skills and new content that we translate, we will also overwrite all long sequences of Korean in the screenshot section below, because there is little use for recognition there. Also, request long sentences in the comments and we will translate them, as it is more efficient that way.
  • Guide
    • Guidance through Dragon Blaze's Korean version already starts with the installation and patching section just below this introduction. It and further guidance sections will feature [Expand] buttons. By default (after the page is fully loaded) those sections will be collapsed and can be expanded with said button.
      The reason is simply. This hub should be a resource page for daily playing in the Korean server, and such guides only need to be read once or twice in order to have learned them. Therefore they will be hidden, or collapsed so that visitors that have already gone past that point don't need to bother scrolling through those sections. Bandwidth saving.
Patta the Abosulte Protector half body.png Enough talk.

Now, lets get started!

Installing and Patching

First Time InstallingSwordright.png

  1   Create a Kakaotalk account on their website here. The proceedure is explained on the website itself.
You can create multiple Kakao accounts for multiple game accounts, just note that they will be linked forever (after step 5).
Korean hub installing 1.png
  2   Where do you want to play?
  • For Android phones skip to step 3
  • For PC install a Emulator of your choice. Bluestacks, MEmu or Nox (aka Bignox) are all possible choices for Window PCs.
  • For IOS phones visit this page (link coming soon)

We will proceede here with the assumption that IOS was not chosen, as Emulators are the most popular choice.

  3   Install Kakaotalk to your phone or Emulator. Here for PlayStore & here for App Store
If the links do not work for you, search for "별이되어라!" in your local store.
Most Emulators, especially the ones named above run with Android. So choose the Android link.
  4   Now skip to and follow "Patching", step 2 and come back after the last step. Skip to #Patching
  5   When the package download has finished you should for the first time see a yellow button at the bottom of the log-in screen. Click on it to be lead to the Kakaotalk-log-in screen. Input your email and password and proceed.
Finally, the windown will ask for confirmation, just accept.
Image coming soon
  Last   After inputting your account name you will be asked for a referral. Join the discord server and then the #korean_server channel to ask around. There you will also find help for your first steps into the game, as well as friends to add, which you will need to fight your way through Adventure. For a guild, type "@GM KR I need a guild, please" into the #korean_server channel. Image coming soon

Patching Swordright.png

  1   If the first thing you see upon opening the App is this screen, you need to update.
Clicking the green [Update] button will lead you to your Playstore/Appstore, but that's not where you need to be (as long as your phone is not set on Korea). So, close the app.
Korean hub patching 1.png
  2   There are multiple ways to upgrade now, all involving APKs. Generally you just need to find a APK and then install it to your Emulator. Let's use APKGK.
Visit APKGK and click on the green [Download] button.
Note that they may be slow to update the apk file. Thus check the last upgrade date first. From experience we can tell though that APK-pure is generally fast.
If the following link isn't working type "별이되어라! for Kakao" into the search mask in the top-right.
Korean hub patching 2.png
  3   This window should automatically open. Download should also proceed automatically after some seconds, don't click around too much. Depending on your browser a save windown will pop up once that happens. Save it as it is.
Reload, try again or click [If the download ...] if it does not automatically start.
Korean hub patching 3.png
  4   This may differ from Emulator to Emulator, but the most famous ones (MEmu & Nox) work according to this. There are also easier ways to install a apk. If you are experienced go ahead.
Open your download folder or where ever the new apk file is stored and just drag the file as it is into the screen of your emulator.
Korean hub patching 4.png
  5   This screen should pop up. Click the blue folder icon with [APK] and wait for the next pop up. Korean hub patching 5.png
  6   Find your latest apk here. Check the date for that. Click on it. Korean hub patching 6.png
  7   Finally you reach this window. Click [Install] and wait until it finishes, upon which the same button will change to [Open], to open the app. Do that. Korean hub patching 7.png
  Last   Upon opening the app now, instead of the image in step 1, this image should pop up. Click [Ok] as the application will now download the package. The duration of that depends on how up-to-date your client was.
If anything went wrong along the way, leave a comment.
Pre-reg for multiple accounts is possible.
Korean hub patching 8.png
If you prefer other mediums for apk installing choose those. Other options would be "Qooapp" (apk needed for itself).
APK-pure and Qooapp also come with phone applications, for easier access.

How to Pre-register

  1   Follow the pre-reg link from our latest Blog:Recent posts and scroll down until you find these buttons. Click on [Android] because chances are, espeically if you installed using the above guide, you use an Emulator, and those run with Android, under normal circumstances. Leave a comment if that's not the case. Korean hub prereg 1.png
  2   You will be redirected to the following page. Everything that follows now works with the assumption that you opend the link with your browser and not your Emulator (which works in a slightly different way).
Click the orange button.
If you are not redirected to this page but to a page that you can see in the [Last] step's background, then just select the orange button after you located the Dragon Blaze app.
Korean hub prereg 2.png
  3   If you didn't open with your Emulator you will now be asked to log in with Kaokaotalk. (The window informs you that no open Kakaotalk session could be detected, which is totaly fine. Click the grey button Korean hub prereg 3.png
  4   A new window should open for this page. Log in with your Kakaotalk. Korean hub prereg 4.png
  Last   Pre-reg should be finished already. Sometimes your Emulator gets a message in the notification bar with a text similar as you can see here. Sometimes nothing pops up at all. Don't be afraid, everything should have worked just fine. But if you really want to be sure, go back to this page in the backrgound (after loggin in step 4 you should be automatically redirected) locate Dragon Blaze again and click the orange button once more. If now this image shows up you are truly good to go.
The message informs you that pre-reg has been accepted and displays your very own register number. You can save that if you want to, but it is generally never needed.

Korean hub prereg 5.png

Korean hub prereg 7.jpg

Korean hub prereg 6.jpg

New Player Mission Guide Translated

The new player guide is rather straightforward as Flint do their best to guide the players step by step through their missions. New Player Missions change rather frequently.

Last Update:

Quick Translations

Last Update to screenshoted menus:


  • Character Lobby
    Korean hub character lobby new.png
  • Mailbox
    Korean hub mail 1.png
  • Settings

Korean hub game settings.png

Korean hub game info.png

Korean hub environment settings.png

Korean hub account managment.png

  • Guild Settings, for Leaders/GMs
    Korean hub Guild Leader Settings.png
  • [Auto] Dungeon
    Korean hub dungeon 1.png
  • Workshop

Korean hub workshop 1.png

Korean hub transcended equipment menu.png

Pet SettingsSwordright.png

  • Deadly Fire Skill Card Menu
    Korean hub skill card module.png

Allies and UnitsSwordright.png

Korean names and their romanization (after RR) can be found on their articles (See Category:Deity or Category:Key)

Enhancing Buttons

These buttons will appear for all units alike (Normal Allies, Deities, Keys, Transcended, etc), but the amount of avaible buttons will differ. For that matter, the entire pool of buttons will be presented. Button color stays true across the unit types.

Note that some buttons disappear for example when the ULTIMATE enhance status was reached (upon which half the buttons vanish). The tables below will show represent any status before ULT.

When arrangement of buttons is incompareable, go by hangul and color of the buttons

For Normal SSS/Hero

Korean hub button equipment.png Korean hub button enhance.png or Korean hub button limit break.png Korean hub button deify.png Korean hub button skill enhance.png Korean hub button level up.png Korean hub button salvage into essences.png
Equipment Enhance/Limit Break Deify Skill Enhance Level Up Salvage into Essences (Added in Minos Patch)
Korean hub button add to party.png

For Deity

Korean hub button equipment.png Korean hub button enhance.png or Korean hub button limit break.png Korean hub button skill enhance.png Korean hub button level up.png Korean hub button ratings.png
Equipment Enhance/Limit Break Skill Enhance Level Up Ally Review (Added in 2nd T.Boden Patch)
Korean hub button add to party.png

For Key

Korean hub button enhance.png or Korean hub button limit break.png Korean hub button key holder.png Korean hub button ratings.png
Enhance/Limit Break Key Holder Ally Review (Added in 2nd T.Boden Patch)
Korean hub button add to party.png

For Transcended

Korean hub button equipment.png Korean hub button enhance.png or Korean hub button limit break.png Korean hub button level up.png Korean hub button ratings.png
Equipment Enhance/Limit Break Level Up Ally Review (Added in 2nd T.Boden Patch)
Korean hub button add to party.png

Enhancing Window

For Transcended

Korean hub enhance window transcended 1.png

Common EncountersSwordright.png

Common Pop Ups

Submit new Error Messages through the comments. Please use imgur/alternatives for images
  • Purchase Pet
    X: Any Pet; Y: Any Storage (Inventory, Ally Storage etc); Z: Current Mode
    Korean hub purchase 1.png
  • Confirmation for "Salvage into Essences" (Added in Minos Patch)
    Korean hub confirmation essences salvage.png
  • During Server Maintenance this message can appear (there is another one)
    Korean hub server maintance.png

    When no Maintenance is currently announced, close the app, clear cache and consider restarting your wifi/proxy
  • Kakao Log In Errors
    Korean hub Kakao error log in.png

Common Buttons

Submit new Buttons through the comments. Please use imgur/alternatives for images
  • Cancel (취소, chwiso)
    Korean hub button cancel.png
  • Buy Now (바로 구매, balo gumae)
    Korean hub button buy now.png
  • Confirm (확인, hwag-in)
    Korean hub button Confirm.png

Stats and EffectsSwordright.png

Darkness Effects
Type Effect
Chest (Chance to Increase DEX by:) 민첩을 10%/12%/15%/17%/20%
(Chance to Increase INT by:) 지능을 10%/12%/15%/17%/20%
(Chance to Increase STR by:) 힘을 10%/12%/15%/17%/20%
(Increase ATK SPD by:) 증가하고 공격 속도를 20/30/35/40
(Chance to Increase DEF by:) 증가하고 방어도를 15%/17%/18%
(Increase Defense Penetration by:) 60/120
Weapons (Reduces Enemy ATK SPD by "X" with a Chance to Stun) 9%/15%
(Increase ATK SPD by:) 증가하고 공격 속도를 20/30/35/40
(Reduces Enemy ACC by:) 19%
(Reduces Enemy EVA by:) 12%
(DOT) 확률로 100% 지속 데미지
(Chance of Cooldown Reduction when attacking by:) 쿨타임을 10%/11%/13%/14%/16%
(Chance to Decrease Enemy DEF by:) 방어도를 17%/19%/22%/25%
(Decrease ATK SPD) 감소하고자 공격 속도를 15/20/30/35
(Piercing) 적에게 65%/80%/120% 고정
Magic Effects
(both Weapon and Armor/Chest)
Korean hub Magic Effects.png
Stats on Equipment/Gear
Korean hub Stats.png
Skill Cards
(Normal, Dual, Triple)
C5 Skill Cards.png
Stat Menu
Korean hub unit stat menu.png


The Wiki Staff has always and will always make translations of Korean Patches. It dates back to the very creation of this Wiki, where we intially only translated Ally Skills, only to later on work on entire patch notes. Because of our experience (which drastically improved to extremely honed quality) and our continous dedication to feature translated Patches (we are the longest continoues source for translations), we would like to consider us the most reliable source for Korean News.

All Patches will be translated the day they are released in Korea. (Usually a Wednesday or Thursday; teasers a day prior, rarely on the same day) Because the translations are being made by a single person whose timezone interfers with the patch release, translations might come with a 3-4 hour delay to the Korean release.
Translated patch notes will only be featured in form of "Blog Posts". On Wikis, that is a feature where Editors can create such posts, but they wont count towards the Wiki's article count. This clusivity allows patch notes to be less formal as our usual articles would be, which can be considered necessary given the, often times, spare information given by the Korean CMs in their patch notes.
Do note that

  • Blog:Recent posts may be bookmarked for information or the homepage
  • The Sidebar of this wiki will always announce teasers and patch translation statuses
  • Purchasable Packages are not translated

For the last point: We consider our translations an offer for not only the Korean players, but equally important for the Global players. It should inform them about what is to come. Packages are in that consideration not necessary. It may happen that we feature them anway, though.

The following box will always display the last 2 posts and therefore, patch translations.

Other NewsSwordright.png

We consider important to make the Korean Players among our visitors aware of the fact that "Full Buff Events" or other quick announcements, leaks and similar are delieverd through the #korean_server channel in the "dragonblaze" Discord.
Through the @KR ping, the wiki staff and other users will inform everyone when minor news are announced.

Current Korean Exclusive Features

Exclusive Content listSwordright.png

The following Category Tree shows an updated list to Game Modes or features that are currently not featured on the Global game version, and are Korean only.

When falsely categorized, leave a comment or message an Admin.

The wiki features a page that shows unreleased allies from the korean server on the article page with the same name, here invoked for presentation.

Warning: Spoiler Content!!

Source are the patch notes from the official Korean dragon blaze forum. Note that names are subject to change and released skills can be an earlier version of their Korean counterpart.

Invoked from Unreleased Allies

Where to find in the Article NavigationSwordright.png

The {{ArticleNavigation}} template invokes a table with all of wiki's articles and differentiates between Global features and Koreans. It is for example used on the Homepage. It is another option to check for differences between the two game versions.

Article Navigation
In-Game Blacked out links are articles under heavy rework revision. They are still visitable through article search or the true Navigation bar above.

Stats · Enhancing · Accessories · Limit Break · Buffs · Damage Types · Coin Shop · Titles · Combine · Honor Gorge · Resources · Material Bag · Soul System

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PvE Modes Global Raid · World Boss · Guild Adventure · Revenge of Belphegor · Adventure · Calydon Dungeon · Guild Siege Battle
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Classes Character Archer · Incanter · Mage · Paladin · Priest · Rogue · Warrior
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