We are honoring these retired or otherwise inactive editors for their remarkable and worth notable contributions to this Wiki. The community thanks them for their voluntary service.

  • User:Mizuno_Mahou
    • The master of the folio. Without him, the wiki would literally not be the same as it is today. He not only contributed a lot to the discussions surrounding this Wiki's management, but also saw through all decisions. A reliable man, blessing for any Admin. Glad to have worked together with him. -Browseitall (talk)
  • User:Ethernanos
  • User:Echorai
    • His edit count is rather low, the Formation article being actually his only real edited page. But look at it, even though we've edited it a lot since he left us, he still laid out an amazing backbone. He is also the only person that is as test run hungry as I am, and we really helped each other understand stats better in this convoluted game. Truly lost an important figure in the community. -Browseitall (talk)
  • User:BlazingKey
    • He actually never really edited anything. But with the original founding team he was the most active in the Wiki chat (a feature that is already removed). He still plays Dragon Blaze as far as I know, but he completely lost interest in the community already and barely shows up in any of his Wikis. Which is a bummer because he was an amazing person. As an Editor he may not work well but he was there whenever I needed to talk and before we knew it, he was like the father figure for our founding team. He is also responsible for me actually running this Wiki today. So the community really has a lot to thank him for, even though he was just the silent, rational and level-headed figure in the far far background. -Browseitall (talk)
  • User:Clickclackgears
  • User:Resolves
    • During the Chapter 2 big rework of the Wiki, when no one was willing to help out as a temporarily Editor, he stood up and did it. He wasn't very skilled nor experienced with editing, but he ultimately embodies what Wiki stands for: willing to help out and just be of assistance with his manpower and knowledge of the game. I have a lot to thank him for even though he grew silent as of recent. -Browseitall (talk)
  • User:Khangvn08
  • User:Xianggu
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