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Silver E Ally

Silver E Ally (or Bot VIP) enhances with 50% certainty

E Allies, or E robots/units, are a special type of unit.
The "E" is short for "Enhance", which explains their function. They can only be used as material for ally Enhancing.
The units are treated as allies, as they will be stored in the ally lobby and will be available for material in the new enhancement UI.
Their Ally Card is that of the Priest.

However, they cannot

  • be summoned or obtained through Combine
  • be enhanced themselves
  • be taken into battle
  • gain rapport

Its also worth to note that they cannot be used to Limit Break allies or Keys.

E Allies were introduced to the game with the 06/06/16 - 3rd Buster Wave patch, as a possible reward in Tower of Validation.

There exist multiple types of E allies. They can be used for every grade of ally without restrictions or different outcomes, but do have different gold costs (same grade-differing costs as normal Enhancing).

  • Gold Enhance Bot (100% E) - enhances any non key unit with 100% certainty
  • Bot (VIP) (50% E) - enhances any non key unit with 50% certainty

E allies with the ability to enhance Keys will be introduced in later versions of the game.