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Exalted Emblem
Information Skills
Exalted Geb raw Active skill
Exalted Geb a1 Exalted Geb a2 Exalted Geb a3
Active 1 Active 2 Active 3
Passive skill
Exalted Geb p1 Exalted Geb p2 Exalted Geb p3
Passive 1 Passive 2 Passive 3
Enhance skill
Exalted Geb p4 Exalted Geb p5 Exalted Geb p6
MAX Passive ULTIMATE Passive ARCH Passive
Exalted Geb p7
Infinity ability Lv.1 values
Exalted Geb Physical ATK Melee ATK STA
The Wild Wanderer Infinity ability 1 Infinity ability 2 Infinity ability 3
Class Element Role Specialty Lv.1 values
Rogue emblem
DPS role
Exalted Geb char
(Physical-Icon Physical/Ranged/AoE) Attacks an enemy and does damage to nearby enemies. Specialty
Specialized content Recommended skill card Lv.1 values Gaia Weapon
10-Man Arena Game ModeErebos Game Mode Gale Card Exalted Geb Gaia Weapon
Gaia weapon name
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