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New Dual-Wielder card
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Exalted Set Icon
Dual-Wielder emblem
Exalted Set 
Destroyer of Evil
 DPS roleDPS
Dual-Wielder Soul IconTranscended Essence

Resource BarDark Energy

Release Date GL TBARelease Date KR11.Apr.209

Last EditCreation
Korean Name   Lore Desc.
세트   This units had not been released yet to Global. The most up-to-date version of this unit's skills can always be found on its "Translation article", which are the pages where all units of a race are on a single page (e.g Quintuple Ascendants). The skills on these "individual articles" will be un-edited version of this unit's release version, meaning Global players can expect these values and descriptions upon release.
Weapon & Off-Hand  
Longsword & Longsword  
Main Damage Type   Secondary Unit
PHY / Melee   None
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Normal Attack Effect
(PHY/Melee) Removes one beneficial effect from an enemy, except Boss-type units. Also increases Dark Energy by 5.

Exalted Set a1 Shadow of Darkness (PHY/Melee)
Inflict 9800% damage to an enemy and ignores, up to tier 2, Immunity and Evasion, while also prevents them from using active skills for 6 seconds, doesn't work against Boss-type enemies. Also, gain 10 Dark Energy when using this ability. [CD: 8.5s]

Exalted Set a2 Judgement of Darkness (PHY/Melee)
Inflict 12500% damage to an enemy and ignores, up to tier 2, Immunity and Evasion, prevents healing for 10 seconds and Stuns them [Tier 2]. Those who are killed will be unable to be revived. Also, gain 20 Dark Energy when using this ability. [16.3s]

Exalted Set a3 Military Resolve
When using this ability, fully reset the cooldown of both 'Shadow of Darkness' and 'Judgement of Darkness'. Also, become Immortal for 11 seconds, restorying up to 80% of your Max HP in the process. While Immortal, you are immune to negative effects, your attacks do not miss and all your attacks are critical hits. The Immortality effect is a tier 2 effect. [CD: 28s]


Exalted Set p1 Darkness Aura
Dark Energy can be stored up to 100 stacks, and for each stack Set gains 100% PHY damage. Upon hitting 100 stacks, active "Agent of Judgement(?)" and consume all Dark Energy. While in 'Agent of Judgement', ignore the Evasion of 1 enemy, remove all beneficial effects from the enemy [Tier 2], and inflict 50% of their Max HP as damage and 8650% additional damage. Also, ignore enemy Tier 2 Immunity and Avoidance, except against Boss-type enemies, cause them to be unable to heal for 10 seconds and be stunned [Tier 2], and throw them Airborne [Tier 2] for 3 seconds. Enemies who are killed in this state are unable to be resurrected.

Exalted Set p2 Military Tactics
For 10 seconds upon entering battle, Set recovers 5% of his Max HP when he is dealt 5% or more of his Max HP as damage. He is immune to Tier 1 Insta-Death and targets Mages and Damage dealers first in combat.

Exalted Set p3 God of War Tactician
Set is always immune to Tier 1 debuffs(?) . Also, increase his Melee damage by 2500% and reduces damage taken by AoE damage by 400%.

Exalted Set p4 Strengthen the Darkness
Increase self PHY damage by 1700%, Buff sta up STA by 500%, reduces AoE damage taken by 500% (buff to P3), and becomes immune to Tier 2 Insta-Death abilities. Also, when using 'Judgement of Darkness' inflict an additional 12500% damage and gain 40 Dark Energy (up from 20).

Exalted Set p5 Overflowing Battle Aura
Increase self Melee damage by 2750% and Buff str STR by 400%. Also, when using 'Shadow of Darkness', you can remove Tier 2 beneficial effects from enemies and prevent them from receiving beneficial effects for 6 seconds. Also, 'Shadow of Darkness' now deals 9800% additional damage and gains 20 Dark Energy (up from 10).

Exalted Set p6 Dark Tactics
Increase allied unit Single-target attack power by 3500% and reduce enemy damage against allied units by 300%. Also, when using 'Military Resolve' you are given an effect that reduces the enemies ability to evade attacks and their Max HP by 50% for 11 seconds [Tier 2]. Also, if you kill enemies while applying this effect, 'Shadow of Darkness' and 'Judgement of Darkness' are fully reset.

Exalted Set p7 Darkness Domination
Increase self Buff str STR by 450% and PHY damage by 3200%. Also, if you kill the enemy while under 'Military Resolve' effect, the 'Agent of Judgment" will be fully reset and Dark Energy will be increased by 40. Also, when using 'Agent of Judgment' remove all Tier 3 beneficial effects from the enemy and gain 9200% additional damage, ignore enemies Immunity and Evasion Tier 2, except for Boss-types, and Stun them for 7 seconds [Tier 2].

Infinity Skills (Lv. 1 values)
Empty icon
Empty icon
Empty icon
Character Skill (Lv. 1 values)
Empty icon
Warrior of Darkness : Increase Set's attack power by 350%, and he has full Dark Energy upon entering a battlefield.
Version Tracker
This unit received Buffs/Nerfs/Changes in

    This unit did not receive any balance changes to its skills yet.

Enhancement Costs
The MAX enhancement state, which is reached upon 11 enhancements, unlocks the MAX Passive skill. Further enhancing to ULT (MAX+8) unlocks the ULT Passive skill. Enhancing even further (ULT+5 or ARCH) unlocks the ARCH passive skill.

Enhancement costs are presented in the table below.

Enhance Level Souls T.Essences Stats Gold
Creation 450 150.000.000
+1 17 700 40% 120.000.000
+2 17 700 40% 120.000.000
+3 17 700 40% 120.000.000
+4 17 850 60% 160.000.000
+5 17 850 60% 160.000.000
+6 17 850 60% 160.000.000
+7 17 1.000 80% 200.000.000
+8 17 1.000 80% 200.000.000
+9 17 1.000 80% 200.000.000
+10 17 1.000 80% 200.000.000
+11 (MAX) 22 1.150 80% 240.000.000
Total (Base to MAX) 192 9.800 700% 1.880.000.000
+12 (MAX+1) 24 1.150 80% 240.000.000
+13 (MAX+2) 24 1.150 80% 240.000.000
+14 (MAX+3) 24 1.150 80% 240.000.000
+15 (MAX+4) 24 1.150 80% 240.000.000
+16 (MAX+5) 24 1.150 80% 240.000.000
+17 (MAX+6) 24 1.150 100% 240.000.000
+18 (MAX+7) 24 1.150 100% 240.000.000
+19 (ULT) 30 1.800 100% 240.000.000
Total (MAX to ULT) 198 9.850 700% 1.960.000.000
+20 (ULT+1) 36 1.800 100% 280.000.000
+21 (ULT+2) 36 1.800 120% 280.000.000
+22 (ULT+3) 36 1.800 120% 280.000.000
+23 (ULT+4) 36 1.800 120% 280.000.000
+24 (ARCH) 50 2.400 120% 320.000.000
Total (ULT to ARCH) 194 9.600 580% 1.440.000.000
Total (Base to ARCH) 584 29.250 1980%
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