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Gamevil Inc. (trademarked in capitals as GAMEVIL) (Korean (주)게임빌) is a public company which develops and publishes mobile video games such as Dragon Blaze (Chinese 龍之火焰 / Korean 별이 되어라!). It is based in Seoul, Republic of Korea and Torrance, California.

The company was founded in the year 2000 by James Song and as of July 2012, the company's market capitalization was around 400 million dollars[1]. On October 4, 2013, it acquired one of its main competitors, Com2uS[2].

They have an offical website and developed several games on their own, including ZENONIA and Kritika. However, Dragon Blaze was created by FLINT and is only published by Gamevil.


Gamevil hq

Gamevil in Seocho District, Seoul

While attending Seoul National University, Byung Joon "James" Song founded and was elected as the first chairman of an entrepreneur club called "Venture". James Song went on and founded Fitsnet Inc. ((주)피츠넷) on January 12 of 2000 and started its online game service as Gamevil (www.gamevil.com) in March 2000. Fitsnet serviced its first Java mobile game in January 2001 on LG Telecom. Afterward, Fitsnet officially changed its company name to Gamevil Inc. in April 2001. James Song also founded and was elected as the first chairman of the KMGA (Korean Mobile Game Association) in August 2001. Gamevil went public in July 2009, and is currently listed in the KOSDAQ market (063080).

Gamevil has created more than 60 video games, including 10 award-winning games such as NOM and Skipping Stone. It is now one of the largest mobile game companies in the Republic of Korea, servicing its games on SK Telecom, KTF, and LG Telecom.

Gamevil acquired one of its oldest rivals, Seoul-based Com2uS, on October 4, 2013.

Gamevil has announced its expanding into Europe, with the opening of a Berlin office in autumn 2014.
Its Korean headquarter resides in 1426-1 Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul.

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