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Before the Seven Solarians of the Galactic Special Forces were established to battle the vestiges of the Seven Emperors, there existed a group of heroes who fought to protect Hayden's peace. These brave souls came to be known as "Hayden's Wings" (하이든의 날개, haideunenalgae)ⓘ. Within the tyrannical rule of the ancient Seven Emperors the Galactic Knight "Hayden" fired the first shot of rebellion. Since then, together with "Hayden's Wings", Hayden has protected the galaxy for many millennia, leaving behind countless legacies in the process.

They are part of the Overlord Grade system, introduced in the Second Impact patch.

Release Order:

Skill format is as follows:

  • 1-3: Active Skills
  • 4-6: Passive Skills
  • 7: MAX Passive Skill
  • 8: ULT Passive Skill
  • 9: ARCH Passive Skill
  • 10: Normal Attack
  • Green indicates recent changes made (either due to buffs/nerfs or reviewed translation)
List of Overlord Units by race
Overlord Ban Icon
Seven Solarians
Overlord Kaihen Icon
Hayden's Wings
Overlord Claye Ethel Icon
Ishtar's Armada
Overlord Isilien Icon
Aria De Kassis
Overlord Inhaeri Icon
Four Mights

Sword of Darkness, Kaihen

Overlord Kaihen Icon Role DPS
Overlord Kaihen raw
Weapons Dagger, Dagger
KR Rogue card

Overlord Kaihen Run

Have you ever seen the speed of light?
Overlord Kaihen Icon Visit the Global/Individual main article Overlord Kaihen.
  1. Scintillation: Attendance (Physical-Icon Physical/Melee)(Active 1)
    Inflicts 3300% damage to one enemy and increases received Physical-Icon Physical damage by 86% for 24.4 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times. Additionally, hit enemies cannot be revivedDebuff heart while this debuff is active. [CD: 9 sec]
  2. Scintillation: Inspiration (Physical-Icon Physical/Melee)(Active 2)
    Channels for 5 seconds and inflicts 2340% damage to entire enemy party while recovering 17% of Kaihen Run's HP. Additionally, grants full ImmunityBuff immunity during the channel. Also, gains 20% "Inner Light" per second over the duration. This skill is not used during "Scintillation: Descend of the Eradicator". [CD: 18.9 sec]
  3. Scintillation: Descend of the Eradicator (Physical-Icon Physical/Melee)(Active 3)
    Upon full "Inner Light", explodes to inflict 1820% damage to entire enemy party and stunDebuff stun them for 9.3 seconds. Afterwards, Kaihen descends the Eradicator for 11 seconds (Read Notes!). While in this state, increases Kaihen Run's ATKBuff base atk by 274%, Piercing damage by 1240%, plus 4% for each stack of "Inner Light". After its duration, removes all buffs from one enemy and inflict 3940% damage to it and additional 60% of the damage inflicted by Kaihen Run while in the "Eradicator" state. [CD: 1 sec]
  4. Asthetic (Passive 1)
    Increases self DEXBuff dex by 220%, self Melee damage by 140% and recovers HP by 13% of damage inflicted. Additionally, Kaihen can detect vanished enemies.
  5. Master of Light (Passive 2)
    Kaihen gains "Inner Light" through "Scintillation: Inspiration". Increases the maximum capacity of "Inner Light" by 20 every time "Scintillation: Descend of the Eradicator" is activated. Also, every 4th critical hit increase self Melee damage by 185% and Buff boss damage{{{2}}} Boss damage by 270%, can maintain 10 overlays.
  6. Successor of Gem (Passive 3)
    Upon taking lethal damage, Kaihen becomes unable to be attacked or targeted for 6 seconds and recovers 40% of his maximum HP upon this duration's end (but can still attack himself). Additionally, Kaihen Run's normal attacks now have a chance to remove 1 buff from the target. [CD: 31 sec]
  7. 23 Star Cut (Max Passive)
    Increases maximum "Inner Light" gauge by 80, and increases Boss damageBuff boss damage by 640% for self. During "Successor of Gem", Kaihen Run's attacks cannot miss and are guranteed critical.
  8. Path of the Gem (Ultimate Passive)
    "Descent of the Eradicator" will last for 14 seconds and single target damage will be doubled on boss-type enemies. At its end, increase additional damage done by 80%.
  9. Lights' Glow (ARCH Passive)
    While under 'Scintillation: Descend of the Eradicator', each time you kill an enemy, the duration increases by 2 seconds. Also, during 'Scintillation: Descent of the Eradicator', increase fixed damage by 1411%.
  10. Normal Attack (Physical-Icon Physical/Melee): Inflicts damage to one enemy and makes it unable to be revivedDebuff heart.

Notes: "Inner Light" is his resource, located in his resource bar underneath his HP bar. It is colored red-ish and caps at 300 pre-MAX and 380 post-MAX enhancement state.
The original description uses a lot more phrases to describe the 3rd Active skill's state. This version is much easier to understand though. The "Eradicator" is Kaihen's swords filled with Light, and the so called “armor” a hooded appearance while in that state.

Electric Fairy, Sei

Overlord Sei Icon Role DPS
Overlord Sei raw
Weapons Magic Wand, Magic Orb
KR Mage card

Overlord Sei

The soft clouds have two teeth, thunder and lightning
Overlord Sei Icon Visit the Global/Individual main article Overlord Sei.
  1. Power Discharge (Magical-Icon Magical/Range)(Active 1)
    Inflicts 3017% damage to one enemy and increases its Magical-Icon Magical damaged received by 86% for 14.9 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times. Inflicts 1508% damage to nearby enemies. [CD: 12.3 sec]
  2. Majestic Explosion (Magical-Icon Magical/Range)(Active 2)
    Inflicts 1543% damage to entire enemy party, and inflicts a shock debuff for 13.4 seconds. Shocked targets have their DEFDebuff def decreased by 66%, and Sei inflicts x2 damage to these targets. The debuff can overlay twice. [CD: 15.1 sec]
  3. Polarity Conversion (Magical-Icon Magical/Range)(Active 3)
    Inflicts 1540% damage to entire enemy party. Inflicts either a Debuff plus or Debuff minus polarity debuff. If an enemy is given the same polarity as what they already have, inflicts 3x additional damage. If an enemy is given a different polarity, increases magic damage done by 38%. The additional damage cannot miss, and the polarity debuff cannot be removed. [CD: 18.4 sec]
  4. Magic Source (Passive 1)
    Increases self INTBuff int by 165% for self and Magical-Icon Magical ATK by 86%.
  5. Unstable Current (Passive 2)
    Sei's normal attack has a chance of increasing Magical-Icon Magical damage by 55% for 19 seconds, can overlay 5 times.
  6. Transcendental Existence (Passive 3)
    Increases Magical-Icon Magical damage of allied Mages by 117%, with an additional 69% for each Mage in the allied party.
  7. Electromagnetic Field (Max Passive)
    Increases Magical-Icon Magical damage received by enemies by 75%. During "Polarity Conversion", Sei will increase her Magical-Icon Magical damage by 177%, stacking up to 10 times. The buff cannot be removed.
  8. Polarity Stimulus (Ultimate Passive)
    Increases self INTBuff boss damage by 240%. Polarity Conversion increases magical damage received by polar targets by 144%.
  9. Cast of the Constellation (ARCH Passive)
    Increases allied INTBuff int by 225%, increasing by an additional 112% Buff int per Mage ally in the team.
  10. Normal Attack (Magical-Icon Magical/Ranged): Increases INTBuff int by 35% for 6 seconds.


Siegfried, The Revenge

Overlord Siegfried Icon Role Tank
Overlord Siegfried raw
Weapons Longsword, Shield
KR Warrior card

Dragon Blaze Korea - Overlord Siegfried

Overlord Siegfried Icon Visit the Global/Individual main article Overlord Siegfried.
  1. Shield Price (Physical-Icon Physical/Melee): (Active 1)
    Removes the beneficial effects from 1 enemy and disable them for 16.4s, dealing 3140% damage. Also, deals 1570% damage to all enemies and knocks them into the air, disrupting them for 3 seconds. This skill cannot miss or be dispelled. [CD: 13.3s]
  2. Induce Vigilance: (Active 2)
    Siegfried provokes 1 enemy for 14.2 seconds. Provoked enemies can’t attack anyone but Siegfried. Provoked enemies take 94% more physical damage. Bosses can not be provoked and thus are affected twice by the Physical-Icon Physical damage boost. [CD: 17.1s]
  3. Defensive Formation: (Active 3)
    For 6 seconds, grants all allied units immunity from Physical-Icon Physical damage and increases their Physical-Icon Physical damage by 174% [CD: 26.3s]
  4. Revenge: (Passive 1)
    Recovers 2 vengeance when hit. It also returns 10% of attack damage to attacked enemies, and each time vengeance increases by 1, his reflected damage increases by 1% (max 50%). Increase your health by 150%, if you receive damage equal to 35% or more in proportion to your health, you only take 35%. [CD: 1s]
  5. Firm Will: (Passive 2)
    Increases STRBuff str of all allies by 120% and Physical-Icon Physical Damage by 70%, reduces enemy damage by 25% and increases their Physical-Icon Physical damage received by 65%.
  6. Enforcement (Physical-Icon Physical/Melee): (Passive 3)
    Eliminates the beneficial effects of one enemy when at full vengeance and inflict 80% of their max health as damage. This skill can not miss.
  7. Knight of Hayden: (Max Passive)
    Increases the duration of Defensive Formation to 8 seconds. Also reduces enemy EVA by 60% and DEF PEN by 40%.
  8. Vanguard of the Hayden Order (Ultimate Passive)
    Increases allied units' STABuff sta up by 120%, reduces allied damage received by 70%. Increases the Varman Family's damage by 500% and increases damage done by allies in Shariet by 600%.
  9. Ferocious Strength (ARCH Passive)
    When hit, Siegfried regains his health by 558% per Attack for every 6 seconds. Also, if Siegfried's HP drops below 60%, he will become invincible for 8 seconds, restoring 15% of his Max HP every second. This effect can't be removed. [CD: 32s]
  10. Normal Attack (Physical-Icon Physical/Melee): Damages 1 enemy and silences it.


Seez, The Radiant Flame of Passion

Overlord Seez Icon Role DPS
Overlord Seez raw
Weapons Bow, Quiver
KR Archer card

Dragon Blaze Korea - Overlord Shizu

Overlord Seez Icon Visit the Global/Individual main article Overlord Seez.
  1. Super Rocket Punch (Magical-Icon Magical/Melee): (Active 1)
    Inflicts 2032% damage to 1 enemy and increases your ranged damage by 95% for 17.3 seconds, stacks twice. After a certain amount of time attacking, casting status using skill is cancelled. [20 resources required, CD: 12.6s]
  2. Throw Volatile Oil! (Magical-Icon Magical/Range): (Active 2)
    Inflicts 2095% damage to 1 enemy. Attacked enemies receive 720% damage per second for 55 seconds and receive 75% more damage. The damage over time damage to bosses is multiplied by 3. This skill can not be deflected or dispelled. [Requires 20 resources, CD: 13.4s]
  3. Super-heated Flame Radiation (Magical-Icon Magical/Range) (Active 3)
    Inflicts 1840% damage to all enemies every second until her Fuel (Resource) is depleted, adds 2240% fixed damage to enemies effected by Volatile Oil. The enemy hit by the attack increases its magic damage received by 47% for 17.3s – effect stacks 10 times. Damage dealt to bosses is multiplied by 3. During use of this skill, a full immune effect is given and after the end of this skill Volatile Oil is removed. [Requires 10 resources per second, CD: 29.4s]
  4. Fuel Cells (Passive 1)
    Completely fills up your Full Tank (Resource). Also, every time you charge the tank, your DEX increases by 62% and stacks 8 times. Also, when using a basic attack, there is a chance Super-heated Flame Radiation to reduce in Cooldown by 5%.
  5. Lightweight (Passive 2)
    Increases self DEXBuff dex by 230% and Boss DamageBuff boss damage by 150%.
  6. Firepower (Passive 3)
    Increases self Range DMG by 120% and increases ATK by 70%.
  7. Fuel Cell Expansion (Max Passive)
    Increases the amount of fuel you can hold by 100. When using Super-heated Flame Radiation, your boss damageBuff boss damage by 295%, stacks up to 10 times.
  8. Go Tanko! (Ultimate Passive)
    Increases self boss damageBuff boss damage by 187%. "Super-Heated Flame Radiation" increases self range damage by 270% while channeled, can maintain 5 overlays.
  9. Masterpiece of Magical Engineering (ARCH Passive)
    Increase AoE damage by 155%. Also, while using 'Superheated Flame Radiation' you increase damage to all enemies by 2355%, and you do 3x damage to boss-type monsters.
  10. Normal Attack (Magical-Icon Magical/Self): Increases the Attack Power of Allied Units (Instead of Normal Attacks)


Master of The Angel, Nayah Lastef

Overlord Nayah Lastef Icon Role Healer
Overlord Nayah Lastef raw
Weapons Magic Wand, Magic Orb
KR Priest card
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Overlord Nayah Lastef Icon Visit the Global/Individual main article Overlord Nayah Lastef.
  1. Hayden's Light (Active 1)
    Recovers all ally health by 730% and increases STABuff sta up by 150% and Physical-Icon Physical attack power by 162% for 14 seconds. The STABuff sta up and Physical-Icon Physical damage buff can overlay twice [CD: 18.4s]
  2. Seraphim's Grace (Active 2)
    Takes the harmful effects of all friendly units and returns them to the enemy, thus purifying them from the allied team. Grants immunity to further harmful effects for 9.3 seconds. [CD: 20.7s]
  3. Wake Up Seraphim! (Active 3)
    Resurrects a dead ally and grants the ally an immortal status, thus preventing death for 7.6 seconds. When the immortal status is cancelled or terminated, it restores 70% of Max HP. [CD: 28.8s]
  4. Year of the Seraphim (Passive 1)
    Niarasotep is immune to all conditions. Also, increase defense by 45%, STA by 80%, and reduce all incoming damage by 65%.
  5. Heavenly Will (Passive 2)
    Increase the attack power of all allied units by 1200% and boss damageBuff boss damage by 800% in Guild Plunder and Guild Conquest.
  6. 24 Songs (Passive 3)
    Gives blessings for 6 seconds to all allied units, restoring 10% of Max HP every second, and making them immortal to death. When the immortal status is cancelled or terminated, 50% of Max HP is recovered. [CD: 44.7s]
  7. Archangel of Hope (Max Passive)
    Increases all allied damage by 95% and random additional damage by 115%. Also, using "Wake Up Seraphim!" increases attack by 220% for 17.4 seconds, with up to 2 overlaps.
  8. Seraphim's Touch (Ultimate Passive)
    Increases the attack of all allied units by 140% and STA by 95%. "Seraphim's Grace" now also increases attack power by 235%.
  9. An Angel of Miracles (ARCH Passive)
    'Wake Up! Seraph!' now revives two friendly allied units. Also, when using 'Seraphim's Grace', increase Physical-Icon Physical damage of all friendly units by 221%, STABuff sta up by 144%, can maintain up to 2 overlays.
  10. Normal Attack (Magical-Icon Magical/Ranged): Damage and Silence one enemy.


Mini Buster Commander, Tihi

Overlord Tihi Icon Role Support / Tank
Overlord Tihi raw
Weapons Longsword, Magic Orb
KR Paladin card
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Overlord Tihi Icon Visit the Global/Individual main article Overlord Tihi.
  1. Focused Punch (Physical-Icon Physical/Melee) (Active 1)
    Vico deals 1840% damage to all enemies and stuns Debuff stun them for 15.4 seconds. Increases all attack damage to these stunned enemies by 87%, can overlap twice. [CD: 14.5s]
  2. Protective Shield (Active 2)
    Vico activates a protective shield that stops beneficial effects on allied units from being removed for 9.8 seconds. While shielded, allies have increased Physical-Icon Physical damage by 184% and increases attack damage by 773% during a physical attack. [CD: 19.4 sec]
  3. Deflector Shield (Active 3)
    Vico activates a deflector shield that grants all allied units immunity to harmful effects for 9.4 seconds and gives them a shield of 850% Tihi/Vico's attack power. While shielded, allies gain 241% attack damage. [CD: 23.1 sec]
  4. Placeholder (Passive 1)
    When Vico enters battle he deals 2212% damage to all enemies and increases their Physical-Icon Physical damage received by 87% for 16.8 seconds. [CD: 9 sec]
  5. Mechanical Engineering Expert (Passive 2)
    Increases all allied units Boss damageBuff boss damage by 130% and Physical-Icon Physical damage by 941%.
  6. Mini Arc Buster: Vico (Passive 3)
    Upon entering battle, Vico is called forth. While Vico is alive he receives all attacks and damage that would hit Tihi. Vico's Physical-Icon Physical damage is increased by 33% for 8.4 seconds after a normal attack. [CD: 7 sec]
  7. Buster Upgrade (Max Passive)
    Increases the main stats Buff intBuff dexBuff str of all allied units by 181%. Also, allies buffed by "Protective Shield" will have twice the protection and receive double the Physical-Icon Physical damage buff.
  8. Operation: Rapid Convergence (Ultimate Passive)
    Increases Physical-Icon Physical damage of all allied units by 155%.
  9. The Guardian (ARCH Passive)
    Increases allied attack power by 172%. Also, increase the damage buffs from 'Protective Shield' by 3x.
  10. Normal Attack (Physical-Icon Physical/Melee): Damage one enemy, reducing their attack speed.