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Kr patch intergraded ranking location

The Integrated Ranking System (통합랭킹 시스템, tonghablaengking siseutem) is reward ladder which combines the rankings of all players from one's server. Players are rewarded with actual Resources for ranking good across all Game Modes and through the combined ranks, successfully shows which player can be considered "the best" of one's server.

The ranking combines the modes World Boss (all four), Arena, Tag Match and Revenge of Belphegor into a numerical value. The higher the value the higher the ultimate rank.

Kr patch intergraded ranking ranks

Tabs from l-r: Personal Rank, Guild Rank, Friends Rank, Rewards

Additional features include:

  • History record similar to World Boss history
  • Check your personal change in the last 4 weeks
    Kr patch intergraded ranking history1
  • Chat announcement for the ranks 1~3


The ranking reward is given at 24:00 every Sunday and a new season starts 6:00 Monday. Rewards are sent to the mailbox.

Kr patch intergraded ranking rewards