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Jewels are obtainable through dungeon drops, the arena shop and summons using friend points or rubies. They can be equipped to any kind of SS+ chapter 2 gear and will add a certain amount of INT, DEX, STR, STA, depending on the type, to said gear.

Jewel Types and Stats[]

U RubyRuby
Adds STR
U SapphireSapphire
Adds INT
U EmeraldEmerald
Adds DEX
U OpalOpal
Adds STA

Stats of Normal Dungeon/Summon Jewels

Jewels have rarity grades in which higher grades give higher stat values.

  • Grade C - basic stat +12
  • Grade B - basic stat +16
  • Grade A - basic stat +22
  • Grade S - basic stat +31
  • Grade SS -  basic stat +44
  • Grade SSS -  basic stat +66
  • Grade U - basic stat +105

Stats of Coin Shop Jewels

Only SS (cost of 440 Coins) or SSS (cost of 1760 Coins) are available in the Coin Shop. They have higher stats than a regular SS/SSS Jewel. Note that the costs has changed with the Chapter 3 Patch.

  • SS - basic stat +50
  • SSS - basic stat +71
Coin Shop Accessory

Prices for Jewels before the Chapter 3 Patch came into effect.

Combining Jewels[]

To obtain better Jewels, 10 jewels of the same grade can be combined into one of a higher grade. SSS jewels cannot be combined since that is the highest grade available. The process is displayed in the following slideshow. (KR version in the example).

Note: You will need 100,000 C Jewels for 1 SSS Jewel. Remember the Gold cost involved...

Socket System - Equipping Jewels[]

Socket system

Only gear that is dropped in Chapter 2 dungeons/raids will have a socket for Jewels excluding accessories. First, the equipment that you want to equip a jewel with needs to be selected. There will be a Diamond shaped button at the bottom of the window. Press that and then choose the jewel you want to equip and tap [Equip].

  • SSS grade equipment have 2 jewel sockets.
  • SS grade equipment have 1 jewel sockets.

Sockets can be expanded to one more than usual including accessories which originally don't possess any socket. The price is fixed regardless the grade of the item.

  • Accessory for 99 Rubies
  • Equipment for 49 Rubies

Removing Jewels from Gear

Jewels can be removed from equipment using Gold and will be necessary as you obtain stronger gear over the course of your adventure.

Removing jewels cost gold equivalent to its grade.

  • Grade U - 345474 Gold
  • Grade SSS - 230,316 Gold
  • Grade SS - 107,508 Gold
  • Grade S - 49,461 Gold
  • Grade A - 22,253 Gold
  • Grade B - 9,730 Gold
  • Grade C - 4,200 Gold