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SSS Ally
Captain Gnoll paints his body in black and aspires to be a merciless slayer. He claims that he's the strongest, but he secretly fears Mage Gnoll.
Role Tank
Main Longsword
Offhand Shield
Main Attribute STR
Skill Effect Cooldown
(Active 1)
Rage Smackdown
Two people barely lift up this axe. If someone strikes with this, oh man...

Inflicts 268% damage on all enemies.

18.2 sec
(Active 2)
Angry Kerang
Furious Gnoll captain's roar makes anyone freeze.

Inflicts 322% damage on all enemies and stuns them for 11 sec.

25.5 sec
(Active 3)
Invincible Gnoll
Not all Gnolls are small and weak. Gnoll captain can easily take down a wolf.

Increases all party members' ATK by 54%.

52 sec
(Passive 1)
Hard Gnoll
Gnoll captain as durable as the white bears!

Increases STA by 14%.

(Passive 2)
Sidekick Gnoll
Gnolls always train together, even though they always end up fighting for power.

Increases all party members' STR by 7%.