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« This game mode has been replaced by Revenge of Belphegor and is no longer attendable in any region.

Dragon Blaze Labyrinth Round 25-50 1.22M point

A player reaching the (old) last wave and completing the challange.

The Labyrinth is a game mode located in the Honor Gorge, which should function as the main source of gold for players.

It confronts the player with waves/rounds of monsters (which are all obtainable Allies), whose number differ with each session.
The further the player comes and the more monsters he defeated will determine a final score and a equivalent gold reward.
The score will determine the rank of the player. Note that the rank will take a long time until its updated to a new record.

The player's team for the labyrinth consists of the Character and four allies.
Additional four helper allies can be selected from currently owned allies. These four helper-allies can be summoned one at a time and will aid the player for 60 seconds. If the helper-ally survives through their time limit they can be summoned again once a cool down period has ended. If the helper-ally does not survive to the end of their time limit they can not be summoned again for the duration of the current Labyrinth session.

Allies and players can be revived via a Revival Order or Revival Scrolls. Helper-allies can not be revived once they stay eliminated for more than ~3sec.

Score and Starting Points

The ranking and gold in this mode will be determined by the player's score.
Score Points are gained by the number of NPCs slayed. The more monsters the player defeats and the further he gets, the more points will he gain.

The player will start with 0 Score points unless he starts from one of the milestones floors, which are 25, 50, 75.
Once the player reached one of these floors once during the week, he can start at one of these points at will, but consumes more tickets by doing so. The starting points reset with each reward reset.

  • 25 will grant 250.000 by default and costs 4 tickets.
  • 50 will grant 1.000.000 by deaulft and costs 6 tickets.
  • 75 will grant 2.500.000 by default and costs 8 tickets

Tip: It is commonly recommened to start from 25, for the best chance of a high score. For the best scores from 100 and onwards, starting from 0 is recommended.

Buff Timer

Labyrinth grants a constant Accuracity buff for all party members and helpers.

On top of that a timer count from 33 seconds downwards each wave. Once the wave is cleared the player will be granted a random Buff. The percantage value of the buff will increase the higher the grade of the buff (SSS~C).
The Grade will be determined by how fast the player was able to clear the wave.


Regular rewards for the Labyrinth are based on the players score and ranking before the reset time.
In addition to being rewarded for obtaining specific ranks, players are also rewarded for certain milestones.
These milestone rewards are achived by clearing certain rounds in the Labyrinth. The player gets rewarded with Ally tickets which can be claimed upon the reset, together with the usual ranking rewards.

Ranking Rewards

Rank Rubies Title Title Stats
1st Place 500 Labyrinth Conqueror STA +45 DEF +110
10th Place 300 Labyrinth Pioneer STA +38 DEF +92
50th Place 200 Labyrinth Guide STA +29 DEF +70
Top 1% 120 Labyrinth Pathfinder STA +24 DEF +56
Top 5% 80 Labyrinth Explorer STA +19 DEF +49
Top 10% 50 Labyrinth Adventurer STA +10 DEF +20
Top 20% 30 Labyrinth Traveler STA +10 DEF +20
Top 30% 10 Labyrinth Traveler STA +10 DEF +20
Top 40% 8 Labyrinth Traveler STA +10 DEF +20
Top 50% 7 Labyrinth Traveler STA +10 DEF +20
Top 60% 6 None
Top 70% 5 None
Top 80% 4 None
Top 90% 3 None
Top 100% 2 None
Rank 777 100 None
Rank 7,777 100 None
Rank 77,777 100 None

Milestone Rewards

Prerequisite Reward
20 Rounds Cleared A Ally Summon
30 Rounds Cleared B-S Ally Summon
40 Rounds Cleared S Ally Summon
50 Rounds Cleared B-SS Ally Summon
60 Rounds Cleared SS Ally Summon
70 Rounds Cleared A-S Ally Summon
80 Rounds Cleared SS Ally Summon
90 Rounds Cleared A-SS Ally Summon
100 Rounds Cleared SS Ally Summon
250,000 Points 20,000 Gold
750,000 Points 40,000 Gold
1,600,000 Points 60,000 Gold
3,500,000 Points 80,000 Gold

Labyrinth Waves

As the player progresses through the labyrinth they will encounter various enemies each with increasing difficulties and level. The number of enemies that appear each round differs and all that appear have to be defeated in order to progress to the next round.
Every five levels or earlier a boss enemy will appear as a challenge. This boss enemy is consistent every time the player reaches the particular round they are a part of. The guards that accompy the boss differ and can be SSS or SS allies themselves.
In this list we will mainly focus on the main boss that appears.
The number is not limited to 1 Boss (eg. Round 97 spwans multiple Draco Greysouls & Draco Brightsparks but no guards).

A List of all Waves follows. If one is missing, please contribute or comment.

Wave 1: 3-5 Red Portos

Wave 5: 3-5 Random Portos, 1 Big Dark Blue Porto

Wave 10: 3-5 random Mimics, 1 Large Golden Mimic

Wave 15: 3-5 Random Tree, 1 Large Burning tree

Wave 20: 3-6 random Crystals, 1 Large Dark Crystal

Wave 25: 3-6 Fly Ghost Bats, 1 Giant Fly Ghost Bat

Wave 30: 3-6 Random SSS Gnolls, 1 Karang

Wave 35: 4-6 Lamia, 1 Queen Caberra

Wave 40: 4-6 Lizards, 1 Byron

Wave 45: 4-6 Dark Elfs, 1 Captain Freyd

Wave 50: 4-6 orcs, 1 Ackard (Also Possible Chance for 1 Azur?)

Wave 51:

Wave 52: Fulson

Wave 53: Turq

Wave 54: Patta

Wave 55: Gram + Turq + Fulson (+Patta)

Wave 56: Windlune

Wave 57: Mercedes

Wave 58: Loki

Wave 59 Brighspark

Wave 60: Deathcrown

Wave 65: Spider Boss

Wave 70: Fairy Boss

Wave 75: Wolf Boss

Wave 76: Un

Wave 77: Ann

Wave 78: Whay

Wave 79: Loki

Wave 80: Tiel, Whay, Un, Loki

Wave 85: Calgar

Wave 86: Imp Boss

Wave 87: Mara

Wave 88: Yvante

Wave 89: Lilith

Wave 90: Yvantes and Liliths

Wave 91: Maras, Shabelles, Konfis and Theros

Wave 92: Karang, Gar, King Byron and Draco Deathcrown

Wave 93: Windlune sand Draco Bloodwind

Wave 94: Lokis, Freyds and Draco Greysoul

Wave 95: Yvante, Draco Brightspark

Wave 96: Izarcs, Ravengale

Wave 97: Draco Brightsparks and Draco Greysouls

Wave 98: Gaela and Mikaela

Wave 99: Draco Bloodwind and Draco Blackaria

Wave 100: Fryderyk, Llywelyn, Farrah, Mikaela, Gaela (5 random Angels except Kymael and Ravengale)

Wave 101: Devil Portos

Wave 102: Banshees

Wave 103: Dark Elves (A rank)

Wave 104: Dark Elves (S rank)

Wave 105: Dark Elves (SS rank)

Wave 106: Windlune the Dark

Wave 107: Polar Trees

Wave 108: Ancient Gnolls

Wave 109: Divine Soldiers

Wave 110: Varman Royal Family

Wave 111: Margaret + Exploding Dolls

Wave 112: Warrior Deities (Draco Deathcrowns + Storm Bears)

Wave 113: Priest Deities (Draco Blackarias + Farrahs + Manalandys)

Wave 114: Archer Deities (Draco Bloodwind + Llywelyn + Arrow Trigger)

Wave 115: Rogue Deities (Greysouls + Mikaelas + Hellhawks)

Wave 116: Chaser Tracy with Ursas

Wave 117: Mage Deities (Bliss, Fryderyks, Brightsparks)

Wave 118: Paladin Deities (Falcons ,Kymaels)

Wave 119: Warrior Deities (Howls, Gaelas)

Wave 120: All Novem Bodens