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Limit Break

Draco Brightspark at MAX+1

Limit Break is available after an Ally has reached the "MAX" enhanced level. (see Enhancing for more information)

When an Ally is at a +Max enhanced state, the Enhance button will be gone, and the Limit Break button will be avaliable.

For each level of Limit Break, an Ally of the same grade and gold is needed.

For example: To Limit Break a S grade ally, an additional S grade Ally is needed. Be cautious as the ally used as fodder will disappear after the process.

The success rate of Limit Break is always 100%. For each level of Limit Break achieved, a number will be added next to the Ally's name. For example: Priest Ranran MAX+1 from Priest Ranran MAX.

All ally grades up to SS can Limit Break up to MAX+4. SSS grade Allies can reach MAX+5 (also known as Ultimate). Each limit break up to MAX+4 increases an ally's stats by 20% while the final limit break to Ultimate adds 50% more stats.

Gold Cost[]

Rarity Max+1 Max+2 Max+3 Max+4 Max+5/ULT
SSS 22,140 24,600 492,000 738,000 984,000

Skill Points[]


a Skill was mastered by using up 3 SP on it

Each level of Limit Break will grant you 1 skill point to upgrade your Ally's Active Skills. Reaching the Ultimate state, which is MAX+5 will give you 5 points. An Ally's passive skills are not upgrade-able.

Assigning skill points requires a large amount of gold and additional essences for Deities(below). Each skill can only be enhanced twice to a maximum of 3. They can be reset for 10 rubies each and will revert to 1/3. The same amount of gold and essences will be necessary to enhance them once again.

Skill enhancement costs are below:

  • Level 2: 1 SP, 490,000 gold & [2 Essences for Deities (Light/Hero Essences)]
  • Level 3: 2 SP, 990,000 gold & [4 Essences for Deities (Light/Hero Essences)]

Visual Effect[]

Certain Limit break levels will result in different visual effects for your ally.

  • MAX+1: No effects
  • MAX+2 & MAX+3: An red-orange sparks resembling lightning around the ally
  • MAX+4: A dark shadowy aura around the ally
  • MAX+5/ULT: A glowing gold aura behind the ally