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The Lore

The Loa are the Guardian Deities of the Planets.

Beginning with the Warrior's Deity, Two Billion, more Loa have begun to watch the Heroes.

Loas are an adventure companion who presents some of their power to the heroes and their allies once they have passed each Loa's "Test".

  • Loa's were released with the Chapter 7-3: Loa Awakened update.

Constructing A Loa

Loa Training

Loa Planets
Loa Training Screen
Loa Training Ally Screen

To acquire the necessary materials (Loa Souls and Skill Shards), you must first enter "Loa Construction". This will take you to the Planet Overview for the Loa Training system. Each planet corresponds to one of the 8 Loa's and their class.

Clicking on any of the planets will take you to that Planet, and that Loa's, Training Screen. At this screen you'll see what allies are currently participating in that Loa's training and how fair they have progressed through the training cycle. The cycle can be tracked by the progress bar at the bottom, with each checkpoint rewarding Skill Shards and a Loa Soul when the training has been completed.

Training is a continuous system and doesn't need to be Reset/Restarted. However, if one of the allies you are using to Train gets their combat power upgraded, or Gaia weapon enhanced, you can quickly update that in the box at the bottom right.

Creating Loa

Loa Created

To create a Loa, you will need to have acquired 30 Loa Souls from the Loa's respective Training (30 Completed Cycles).

After creation, you will receive access to a 1-Star, Level 1 Loa.

On the main Loa information screen you will see the Loa's name, Level, Class, Specialty Content, Rating, Characteristics, Lore, and the Loa Soul count and requirements for further enhancement.

Enhancing Loa

Loa Enhancement
Loa Skill Enhancement

Once you have obtained enough Loa Souls (and Kalar Souls) you can begin to Level Up or, if you are max level, Rank Up your Loas.

Pressing the '+' button will open the enhancement screen for the selected Loa. In this screen you will see the Star/Rank of the Loa, the Loa Souls required and the Kalar Souls required to enhance/rank up.

The Ranking, or Star, of the Loa unlocks certain Actives and Passives based on the Rank.

The level of the Loa determines the max level for the Actives and Passives.

To level a Loa Skill you must have the required amount of that specific Loa Skill Shard. The green part of the text is the enhanceable portion of the ability and is determined by the skill level.

Stars Max Level Max Skill Level Loa Souls/Lvl Up Loa Souls/Star Up Unlockable
1 5 5 30 150 (?) Passive 1
2 10 15 60 300 (?) Active 1
3 15 30 150 (?) 600 (?) Passive 2
4 20 50 ??? ??? Passive 3
5 25 75 ??? ??? Active 2
6 30 105 ??? ??? Passive 4

Using a Loa

Loa Usage Screen

Under the Skill Section of the Loa Management Screen you can select the Game Mode(s) you wish to use the selected Loa in.

Loa party settings can be changed at any time. However, for content that has registration periods, the content can only be set/changed during those reservation periods.