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Following articles and things need to be reviewed:

Long Term  Content

Long Term  Redirect Titan to Category:Titan.

Urgent  Create KR HUB page. Make wiki KR supportive. Create articles for all unreleased modes, add the unreleased features to their existing pages or create pages for them. Add everything to the wiki navigation.

Medium  Add U Jewelry and make more redirect pages for it.

Medium  New Buff Icons for Buffs.

Normal  Update the Workshop article and replace (!) all images on it with better versions.

Medium  Update World Boss page. There is information with old deity meta. Make it more general or update with new meta instead.

Urgent  Update Limit Break, Enhancing and Combine to be also about gear.

Long Term  Formation recommendations.

Medium  Add more floors to ToV, and review the released vs unreleased ones on correctness.

Medium  Finish Stats.

Medium  Add more information to Pets such as UI option additions etc.

Medium  Finish Resources, make a guide and create/discuss redirect pages.

Medium  Finish Summons and create/discuss redirect pages.

Medium  Change all template docs to a paramter explantion only. The layout pages are now there for the copy/paste after all.

Medium  Helper points section on Guild Battle and Rewards

Medium  Adventure-take chapter and map information out and put them into Chapter 1 etc instead. Expand upon it in those articles. Couple with point below.

Normal  Add Helper aid option to Dungeons, and add backgrounds.

Additionally, please see all stub articles.

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