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You're in love with me, too?
SSS Ally
Mara the Succubus
Mara the Succubus
Mara is Lilith's sister, but they don't get along. Unlike her sister, she cares for her fellow Demons.
Role Healer
Main Magic Wand
Offhand Magic Orb
Main Attribute INT
Skill Effect Cooldown
Normal Attack Increases her INT
(Active 1)
HP Absorption
Teaches allies how to feed off on the dreams of enemies.

Grants a party member the ability to steal 60% HP for 30 sec.

13 sec
(Active 2)
Sweet Kiss
Her kisses are so sweet.

Restores entire party's HP equal to 217% of her ATK and increases ATK Speed by 23% for 12.8 sec.

16.4 sec
(Active 3)
Powerful Seduction
Enemies suffer an extreme case of lovesickness.

Inflicts 41% damage per second for 10 sec on all enemies and stuns them (30% chance).

25.5 sec
(Passive 1)
Electrifying Whip
Succubus surprisingly shows magnanimity while in pain.

When hit, increases Heal by 14% and Life Steal by 15% (30% chance).

(Passive 2)
Blissful Touch
Succubus gently caresses her allies.

Increases entire party's Heal by 6% and Life Steal by 3%.

Additional Information
  • Mara is the name of a male demon in Buddhism that was sent to tempt Gautama Buddha with visions of beautiful women, which are sometimes interpreted to be his daughters. He is said to represent temptation and unwholesome desires.