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Kr patch Nebula promo poster

Nebula's Korean promotion poster.

A lowly human? Here? Get lost.

Nebula (네뷸라, Nebyulla) is a special PvE mode which is the first of its kind and is featured on the Adventure map. It is unlocked after attending the Liberated Ragnarok Raid (upon its release, re-attendance is required).
The game mode was released in the Korean game version in the October 10th, 2016 patch.
It shares obvious similarities with Raids, as it has its own Icon Nebula raid icon on the map, but is unique in how it works and its rewards. However, this raid costs 5 Ticket rendered tickets per run instead of the usual 2 Ticket rendered tickets.


Party Set-up

Kr patch Nebula party screen

A full Nebula party.

The main difference from normal raids starts with how the party is set up. Unlike in normal raids where only the Main Character is allowed, the player is allowed to bring up to 4 Allies in a Formation. A 5th ally or friend helper cannot be brought to assist.

In addition, four other players with their respective parties will take part in the raid for a total of 5 teams. As usual Dark Fury can be used to [Auto]-run raids alone or with friends invited.


Kr patch Nebula battle screen

Screenshot from the battle.

The battle itself is comparable to Guild Adventure. The player attacks the singular dragon boss with their party in order to reduce his HP to 0. Damaging the boss grants the player damage points similar to GA and World Boss. He does so simultaneously with the other four players, competing against them.
A scoreboard on the right side of the screen shows the damage points of all raiding parties and their position in a ladder, which will be important for the rewards.

Nebula raw

While the boss' HP is shared between the 5 players, each player has their own boss instance. This means that inflicted debuffs on the boss and skills cast by the boss will only be valid for the player that caused them, and any party-wide buffs will only be applied to the player's party. The player is free to use any consumable item, such as Revival Orders to resurrect after death.

It is noteworthy that Nebula is not affected by World Boss buffs from the Honor Gorge.

Boss Skills

The Boss possess of 8.8 billion HP, and hard hitting attacks, making him a harder category boss.

Skill Name Effect Frequency
Normal Attack Energy orb that hits 1 target. GoldstarGoldstarGoldstarBlackstarBlackstar
Lightning Channels to inflict damage to all enemies. GoldstarGoldstarGoldstarGoldstarGoldstar
Essence of Lighting Enhances Nebula (Rage Mode; energy buff icon) GoldstarBlackstarBlackstarBlackstarBlackstar
Current Emission Decreases DEF and damages all enemies. GoldstarBlackstarBlackstarBlackstarBlackstar
Ear ringing Thunder Inflicts damage to 1 enemy and silences. GoldstarBlackstarBlackstarBlackstarBlackstar
Sudden Death Removes buffs on all enemies, inflicts damage and reduces HP recovery. GoldstarBlackstarBlackstarBlackstarBlackstar


Kr patch Nebula reward window

A post-raid reward window.

The game mode's uniqueness is due to its rewards, which are "Enhancement Stones" (초월강화석, chowolganghwaseok).
There are two types of stone rewards that have a chance to roll any grade within its range: SSS-S Kr patch nebula sss stones and SS-A Kr patch Nebula ss stones types.

Upon the end of the raid, the players will be rewarded based on their scoreboard ranking, unlike Raids where the player can freely choose his reward chest.
The ranking will decide the stone reward chance.

  1. Kr patch nebula sss stones Kr patch nebula sss stones
  2. Kr patch nebula sss stones Kr patch Nebula ss stones
  3. Kr patch Nebula ss stones Kr patch Nebula ss stones
  4. Kr patch Nebula ss stones
  5. Kr patch Nebula ss stones

An additional chest can be purchased for 20 Ruby rendered rubies (16 when affected by 20% discount) by any player to receive a stone with the chance SSS-S.

The rewards and rolls are not affected by raid drop buffs or other item acquiring bonuses.[1]

The stones stack up to 999 times in the player's inventory.

Limit Break Stones

Gear Limit Break

U-Gear being enhanced with a SSS enhancement stone from Nebula.

The acquired "Enhancement Stones" (초월강화석, chowolganghwaseog) or "Limit Break Stones" can be used to limit break equipment, beyond their MAX enhancement status.
All equipment from S to U and from chapter 1 to chapter 4 can be limit broken with this feature.

Ultimate status
S Gear SS Gear SSS Gear U Gear

In order to limit break equipment, the player can now select a [Limit Break] button on the equipment and drag any grade of stone into the enhancing window. While it was not possible to further enhance gear past its MAX enhancement state, stones will now be able to do so by consuming gold and the stone.
The process is coupled with failure chances. The different stone grades provide different success rates.
The success rates provided by the stones will depend on their equipment piece that they are being used on. For instances, SSS stones have a 100% success rate for SSS gear, but only 50% when used for U gear.
The stats increase for 10% per additional enhancement level. The equipment enhance buffs ,discount and bonus points, also work on limit break. The gold cost follows arithmetic sequence. The gold cost equals the next enhancement level times base cost. For instance, base cost for 99U gear limit break is 13959. When it is breaking towards max+3 (9+3), the cost is 12 * 13959 which equals 167508. However, limit break and regular enhancement don't share the same base cost.

Gold Cost for 99U
MAX+1 MAX+2 MAX+3 MAX+4 MAX+5 Ultimate
139590 153549 167508 181467 195426 209385


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